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Radio Time Travel

Radio on.Radio on. by Howdy, I'm HMK (cc by)

carrienation posted Bent by Nature, a podcast from LA's KCRW about the legendary DJ Deirdre O'Donoghue and her influential radio show SNAP, with available live music archives from the show (1982-1991). As eschatfische notes in the comments, "not only are the Bent by Nature archives great, they're also a labor of love of Metafilter's own mykescipark."

by taz

"living the dream"

photo of Lizzo playing crystal flute in a casual setting with staff at Library of Congressphoto via

adamsc links to a super secret stash of cunningly hidden Library of Congress cultural treasure in the Lizzo LOC thread

by taz

The Seven Notes

delightful or disorienting

diagram of lobster with funny Franglais notes on various partsChiac guide to eating an Acadian lobster from the site

Shepherd with a fabuleux sélection of divers flavors of Chiac tunes.

by taz

Got ya covered

spoonful of diamonds......spoonful of diamonds...... by Rolf Dietrich Brecher (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, jeszac is looking for your favorite not-widely-known versions of songs that are themselves widely known? Great answers here.

by taz


Country Girl 13Country Girl 13 by martinwcox (cc by)

"What's it like to be a girl in a band?" Box posts about the women who built grunge.

by taz

Keeping Time

HistoriesHistories by Aldaron (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, ordinary_magnet says, "I'm looking for popular songs that relate events or profile people from history in a straightforward, informative way. Can you help me add to this weird playlist?"

by taz

This is the hook

DivergeDiverge by Marco Nürnberger (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, What songs reference their music in the lyrics? "Can you give me examples of songs where the lyrics reference what is happening in the music?"

by taz

Music for Goblins?

Music for Boffins?

What music for New Year Party?What music for New Year Party? by margycrane

I fucking love ranting about this topic because it makes me feel smart and it's taken me decades to learn a lot of this stuff and debunking audiophile woo. Loquacious with an epic "extended play" on music audio.

by taz

Oldies but Boogies

BoogieBoogie by roberlan (cc by-nd)

In Ask Metfilter: One Night in Bangkok makes a wee baby boogie (what other songs will?), and by the way, what the heck was that (South Korean) song "The Boogie"? (and why was it so funny?). Hey now, don't tell me those boogies are dated — tell me HOW DATED ARE THEY?

by taz

Please Don't Stop The Music

Music ExpandsMusic Expands by byzantiumbooks (cc by)

Algorithms are great *but* don’t go to any guilty pleasures or allow any other person to use your account, unless you want those choices feeding into it. I don’t know a way to come back from the pollution of one’s algorithm. (I found *great* new bands until I allowed this to happen) – cotton dress sock: Lots of interesting tips, recommendations, and suggestions on the How to find new music I like Ask Metafilter post.

by taz

"all killer, no filler"

colorful psychedelic style collage art of a woman's face with large round sunglassesdetail from cover art from the book Electrical Banana: Masters of Psychedelic Art

Slinga has posted the perfectly wonderful 45 minutes of Funky Old Japanese Soundtracks to chill out to, and we love it.

by taz

"Could I interest you in everything about "Inside"?"

moody silhouette photo of Bo Burnham onstage speaking into handheld mic

Gorgik: This post is a perfect homage, given the care and obsession that it took to make it. Rhaomi makes a rather spectacular post on comedian Bo Burnham and his pandemic special "Inside."

by taz

And the riverbank talks of the waters of March

...é peroba no campo, é o nó da madeira......é peroba no campo, é o nó da madeira... by SheilaTostes (cc by)

oulipian posts Elis Regina and Tom Jobim performing "Aguas de Março" (video, 1974)

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

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