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image of Hiversaires game screen on a tabletHiversaires launch trailer screenshot

In Ask Metafilter, serathen is looking for single player PC games for the underinitiated, and in case you missed it previously, Going To Maine asked Mefites for interesting gems in the Racial Justice & Inequality Bundle, while recently in Metafilter, a post on games designer Bennett Foddy's picks for the most under-appreciated games of the 2010s (with links!), and xedrik throws in some favorites that could use more love, too.

by taz

Campfire bonding games

CampfireCampfire by Jason Pratt (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, quiet coyote is looking for "good discussion-based games for 6 adults to play as a group that don't involve supplies other than pen and paper, and ideally help us learn more about each other rather than just passing the time."

Meanwhile, over in Mefi Music, the most favorited tracks of the past week have been: Workman 9 to 5; A Grand Unslam; Trapeze Act; Time (the Revelator)

by taz

April Fun indoor scavenger hunt

Come join our April non-fools day Indoor Scavenger Hunt! Can you find all the things? Post a photo or poem etc of your finds, and suggest things for people to seek.

Live Long and Puzzle On

image of a logic puzzle

Wolfdog has posted the logic puzzle blog, Grandmaster Puzzles, featuring "elegant, hand-crafted designs written by some of the world's best puzzle constructors" ... and Mefites have some more recs in comments.

by taz

Menu A La Card

Steampunk Pirates cards by Nat IwataSteampunk Pirates cards by Nat Iwata at

misteraitch reveals a full house in his post on the World of Playing Cards, "a living encyclopaedia of the history and visual art of playing cards"

by taz

Animal Crossing
Playing that new Animal Crossing mobile game? Come swap friend codes with MeFites!

by cortex

Breathe In, Breathe Out ...

between the yearsbetween the years by AlicePopkorn (cc by-nc-nd)

Need some calming games? Fizz posts Self-Care Jam Games, "meant to give you a moment to breathe, reflect, literally take care of yourself," and members add some of their favorite calming games in the thread.

by taz

Unnecessary niceness

giant monster i do my best to avoidgiant monster i do my best to avoid by theogeo (cc by)

In videogames, what superfluous real-world behaviors do you do, even though they're not part of the game? Being kind to imaginary characters seems to be the main one.

Happy Birthday to Us! (Celebrate with podcast transcription and Pokemon Go)

Snorlax Birthday CakeSnorlax Birthday Cake by Brett Jordan (cc by)

Happy 17th birthday, MetaFilter!

If you're looking for a low-key way to celebrate, drop in and join the wise, suave, and good-looking volunteers who help transcribe the podcast. (Thank you podcast transcribers! You are the best!)

... or if you prefer your celebrations more active, join the stalwart band of Pokemon Go obsessed Mefites as they report back from the field.

Strange Far Places

bottom_cthulhubottom_cthulhu by missmonstermel

I have a thing for eldritch abominations, alien geometry, fridge horror, and general nightmare fuel. I want more, pretty please!

In Ask Metafilter: Feed me the nightmare fuel

by taz

"This video is not about defending Phil Fish, or about setting him on fire"


This video is about everyone in the world who isn’t Phil Fish.

It turns out the great video, "This is Phil Fish" posted by jklaiho was created by "Mefi's own" Peevish. (The transcript has been posted here.)

by taz

"There's a language to these things."

-342 : guinea pig pwn-342 : guinea pig pwn by Of Corgis & Cocktails (cc by)

AskMe's advice for novice gamers.

by gnfti

"I beat Zelda II. On one life."

Link battles his shadow doppelganger in Zelda IILink battles his shadow doppelganger in Zelda II

In JHarris's excellent post about Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Mefi user otolith tells the story of how they finally beat the game, twenty years after giving up on it:

It was one of those games that was just too...frigging....hard. Along with Blaster Master and Castlevania II, it seemed stupidly impossible...I don't remember when, but there must have come a time when I punched the power button on the console in frustration and walked away from it for the last time. And then twenty years passed and I don't recall thinking about the game once in that time.

But a few years ago I was traveling and staying with a friend of mine who owned a game cube. There it was on his system, Zelda II...A wealth of small childhood memories that had been locked together with Zelda in the back of my brain. It was an utterly unique experience for me, reliving those memories sequentially as the game progressed. Which happened somewhat rapidly because I was now A BEAST at Zelda II....

Go read the whole thing.

by cortex

Some days the rabbit hole goes pretty damn deep.

Compute! Magazine Issue 045

seanmpuckett tells the story of how he wrote a BASIC program to play a Merlin-like game which made it into Compute! magazine and was later the subject of an article in Mathematics Magazine.

by jessamyn

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