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"When The 80s Got All Proggy"

Genesis - Live in London - 25th March 2022 - The Final Domino tourGenesis - Live in London - 25th March 2022 - The Final Domino tour by kitmasterbloke (cc by)

Hippybear posted Weighty In The Eighties: When Prog Went Pop by Jim Allen for uDiscover, with all the mentioned songs/videos linked in the post.

by taz

11th Century Boy

Screenshot from video of Richard Thompson performing on stage with acoustic guitar

gingerbeer points out Richard Thompson's "1000 Years of Popular Music" in this week's free thread. "Playboy asked a select group of musicians to choose their ten favorite songs of the past millennium. Richard Thompson, believing what Playboy REALLY wanted were only songs from the last 20 years, took them literally. He gave Playboy EXACTLY what they asked for. He chose the best songs of the last 1000 years. Thompson never heard from them again."

by taz

Best dam 3 minutes on Youtube so far this year

Some Very Good Links

On a green background an illustration over over a dozen Link characters dynamically centered around large LEGENDS OF ZELDA textLegend of Zelda Wallpaper art by PigMasterOra

Zelda Day 2022: 841 facts you probably didn't know about Zelda games

by taz

Dancing with myself


screen shot of Newton pendulum from the video

What if choreography, but it's a Newton pendulum? Newton's cradle, Gangnam style is pretty much perfect.

by taz

"The Little Grey Wolf Returns"

screenshot from Tale of Tales showing the little wolf in a doorway

"The 30-minute Russian animated film Tale of Tales has been more than once voted the greatest animated film of all time. Here it is with English subtitles ..." So lovely. And several great links in the comments.

by taz

Give me your glabrous, your rugose, your shambling masses ...

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty by Stina Stockholm (cc by-nc-nd)

Halloween Jack on the Statue, amid many other unsettling thread remarks (brrrr!) in signsofrain's post reminiscing about how we worshipped the husk.

Enjoy! Or dip in as a palate cleanser between y2karl's Gorgo 2049 video post (SCP alert!) and GenjiandProust's “I Wear No Mask” and Other Horrors newest weird audio dramas post.

by taz

And the riverbank talks of the waters of March

...é peroba no campo, é o nó da madeira......é peroba no campo, é o nó da madeira... by SheilaTostes (cc by)

oulipian posts Elis Regina and Tom Jobim performing "Aguas de Março" (video, 1974)

by taz


Sable game logo atop a futuristic desert scene

domdib posts about "Sable," a beautiful sci-fi game featuring Moebius-inspired graphics and soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast (due in September), with current demo game available for PC and XBox.

by taz

100 x 3-second 3D Renders

person in heavy golden diving suit with apparatus strapped on back walks underwater toward a large glowing sphere habitatscreenshot from "Top 100 3D Renders from the Internet's Largest CG Challenge, Alternate Realities"

Animated fabulosity from jontyjago: "Based on the same 3 second model, 2400 CGI artists submitted their own interpretation. These are the 100 best."

by taz

"It's time again for that weird thing we do"

collage image of Santa Claus, space traveler and fighter of Satan

in Metatalk: the 7th Annual MST Club Holiday Video Marathon, Social Distancing Edition running from December 23 through to midnight December 25!

by taz

On the Wing

[fan/fawn pun goes here]

Magic Kingdom - Dancin' DeerMagic Kingdom - Dancin' Deer by Jeff Krause Photography (cc by-nc-nd)

Harpist playing outdoors receives an unexpected visit

by taz

profuse strains of premeditated art

The VoiceThe Voice by Andy Morffew (cc by)

Hello yes this is a bird ... or is it??? How people tweeted in the '70s, from Going To Maine

by taz

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