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A cat is posed seated on a chair in front of another cat operating a camera.A cat is posed seated on a chair in front of another cat operating a camera. by Beverly & Pack (cc by)

Mefites imagine results as a text-based cat adventure game in the thread for not_on_display's "researchers study cats wearing cameras" post, plus some Mefelines' 24-hr diaries transcribed, and we are introduced to tula's tiny-camera enabled narrative_cat Instagram (!): She's the artist, I curate.

by taz

having an unplugged wedding

Playing with camerasPlaying with cameras by magicmonkey (cc by)

MeFite yeolcoatl offers a suggestion about how to politely and respectfully tell people to put away their cameras during a wedding ceremony.

Since I study tea ceremony, I talked about the idea of ichi-go ichi-e (one time one meeting): the idea that this moment with these people will never happen again, and that that the moment should be experienced, because the feeling of looking at pictures you can have over and over again, but the feeling of being in this moment cannot ever be recaptured. I mentioned the professional photographers and that we could trust these experts to do their job, and then I asked them to put away their cameras and turn off their cellphones and invited them to share the experience of the moment with the bride and groom.

by jessamyn

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