NCAA basketball time

Hoop CloudsHoop Clouds by sclboston (cc by-nd)

It's March and that means college basketball! Did you see the historic upset last night? Come join the NCAA basketball discussion on Fanfare for the next couple weeks, and share your brackets on Metatalk.

Call-in show: Tell us a joke!
We're doing another call-in show for the MetaFilter podcast, and we want to hear your jokes! Call (505) 663-6334 (or email us) and get your joke on!

by cortex

Volunteering online

my little helpermy little helper by Robert Couse-Baker (cc by)

What are some online projects where I can volunteer and be helpful?

The Oscars 2018
Watch the Academy Awards with your fellow Mefites

#138: Don't Leave Me Hanging
Short month, regular length podcast! Come give a listen while Jessamyn and cortex talk MeFi etc.

by cortex

Don't you love that feeling when.....

Laughing LadiesLaughing Ladies by Eric Seneca Kim

Don't you love that feeling when...., AskMe's thinking about specific enjoyable feelings.

Books in which people shop for clothes

SORT (black)SORT (black) by AstridWestvang (cc by-nc-nd)

Here's a fun one: chaiminda asks for "scenes in books in which people go shopping or make clothes, with loving descriptions of the clothes themselves."

Bonus: Wondering how to wear a flat cap without looking like a goofus? Ask Mefi has you covered.

by taz

Winter Olympics time!

CurlingCurling by BC Living (cc by)

Join us in Fanfare for the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, and for ongoing discussion of all the events of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics !

#137: It Descended Into Butts
What: latest podcast ep. Who: cortex and jessamyn. When: now. Why: why not.

by cortex


Unhappy owlUnhappy owl by krishna.naudin (cc by-sa)

It's Superbowl time! Come join in the Superbowl post on Fanfare -- for NFL football, and all the associated intra-Superbowl tv hoopla (ads, halftime, etc)

Bodies, amirite?

Reflecto RoofReflecto Roof by diongillard (cc by)

What's a quirk of your own personal body?

Grab bag

(。♥‿♥。) Bean Mine, Valentine

vintage valentine vintage valentine "Bee" by karen horton (cc by)

mochapickle is organizing a Valentine card exchange; discussion and sign-up info in Metatalk! 💖

by taz

December Best Post Contest results

trophytrophy by fender5 (cc by-nd)

The awards are in, the envelopes have been opened, come check out the December Best Post Contest results!

#136: 2017 year-end call-in show
It's the 2017 year-end call-in podcast episode! Dozens of MetaFilter members called in to say hello, commiserate about the year, wish well for the new one, sing songs, read poetry, etc.

by cortex

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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