172: I'll Get There At Some Point
Ahoyhoy, it's episode 172 of the MetaFilter podcast with jessamyn and cortex!

by cortex

Guilty on all counts
Twenty days after this post on the Derek Chauvin murder trial, he's been found guilty on all three counts. New post on the verdict here.

by cortex

Podcast #171: Was I Weird
No foolin' [listens to ear mic] oh that was five days ago? anyway it's episode 171 of the MetaFilter Monthly Podcast with cortex and jessamyn.

by cortex

"Many would have already eaten the paint"

Project 365 #284: 111018 Colour BoxProject 365 #284: 111018 Colour Box by comedy_nose (cc by)

No matter how delicious they look, the oil pastels will taste terrible and not be good for the liver or kidneys: actual professional input on an Ask Me post about the (apparently not *that* unusual) desire to eat oil pastels.

by taz

Just Fun, No Fooling

FunFun by ::: mindgraph ::: (cc by-nc-nd)

Join the right day, wrong century Exquisite Corpse game underway in Metatalk, or dip into Uncle Mefi's Big Book of Beans for some solo activity game fun!

by taz

We're Getting The Band Back Together!

StringsStrings by eleonoralbasi (cc by-sa)

Greenish is raising the flag for Mefi Music fans, old and new, in Metatalk.

by taz

Nerdwatch: containership and volcano

Live updates, silly song parodies, etymology and more. Follow along with Mefites the slow excitement of the Giant container ship stuck in the Suez Canal and the Icelandic volcano

170: Through A Paper Towel Tube Darkly
It's episode 170 of the MetaFilter monthly podcast, with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

"You got your AI in my MS Paint!"

MS Paint drawing of a dinosaur on an elephant holding a no parking signby mefi's own elgilito, currently at #10 for Dinosaur Parked on Elephant

It's Mefites vs the AI in not on display's posting of paint.wtf, a game in which participants must convince an artificial intelligence that they are the best artist.

by taz

Let it Grow

garden posygarden posy by penelope waits (cc by)

Last summer I made a long-held dream of mine come true and started a free garden with herbs and tomatoes and beans and a painted rock saying "help yourself" in my front yard... RobinofFrocksley, in the Celebrate the Carers Metatalk thread.

by taz

"neurotypicals could learn, the way autistic people learn"

2015/365/325 Communication Problem2015/365/325 Communication Problem by cogdogblog (cc by)

I mask to be understood, but I do so with the added duress of knowing that if I fail, I am wrong for failing to fit neurotypical expectations. No one says the neurotypical was at fault for making incorrect assumptions about me. So I change my behavior to something that neurotypical people can easily understand. Smile with your cheeks, tilt your head there, pitch your voice here, look at the eyes now, stop swaying, nod, look away now, gesture here. I put in the work to make sure neurotypicals understand what I mean.

In this interesting thread on autistic masking, brook horse has a great personal explanation describing how a neurodivergent person must negotiate any sort of communication in ways that are so stressful and unbalanced.

by taz

Podcast #169: Soon May The Podcast Come
It's episode 169 of the MeFi monthly podcast with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

New merch!
We've got designs for t-shirts, stickers, and magnets. Check them all out!

The Gala Stream is Live!
Come hang out with the mods today , trivia, user-contributed pictures, humor, and more!

"It's time again for that weird thing we do"

collage image of Santa Claus, space traveler and fighter of Satan

in Metatalk: the 7th Annual MST Club Holiday Video Marathon, Social Distancing Edition running from December 23 through to midnight December 25!

by taz

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