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A Q&A with Ryan North, Webcomic Maker, 29 March 2023 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM EST

Ryan North is here to A your Qs! If only there were a better way to put that, but sadly, there is not. Ryan's been a webcomic maker since 2003 with Dinosaur Comics - - and most recently he's writing the Fantastic Four for Marvel. He's written bestselling nonfiction guides to time travel and world domination too, but then one time he got stuck in a hole with his dog, so let's keep our expectations for how clever he is moderated here. Discussion with Ryan North facilitated by John Harris.

A Q&A with Drew Curtis, Founder and Maintainer of Fark, 31 March 2023 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM EST

Fark is a couple of years older than MetaFilter, and has a fairly different, more rancorous culture. (It has been described as “rowdy.”) While it was something of a bad boy of the early Web, its rowdyness would be far surpassed by sites like Something Awful, 4chan, and worse. Meanwhile Fark has continued being itself all this time, posting community-submitted links and offering entertaining commentary on them with a fair dose of editorial selection for 24 years. We’ll talk with Drew about a variety of topics related to Fark and the Web. Discussion with Drew Curtis facilitated by John Harris.

by taz

What posts have members been loving recently?

"Spoiled for choice"

bronze statue against a black backgroundgilded bronze head of Minerva at the temple of Sulis Minerva at Bath

misteraitch has posted Finding Britain’s Lost Gods, "the first four of an on-going series of hour-long lectures at Gresham College by cravat-wearing historian Ronald Hutton"

by taz

In Metatalk: MeFi Site Update


"Ideally, I would like to build intuition ..."

A blue bowl with a small wooden spoon on a black background. In the bowl are snow peas, sliced avocado, tomatoes, cooked greens, quinoa, and sauced chickpeasPhoto by Sonny Mauricio on Unsplash

Members offer guiding principles, recipes, and resources for cruel summer's request to please demystify bowls for me.

by taz

Picture me, the guru said

Drawing of a Butterfly - Dibujo de una MariposaDrawing of a Butterfly - Dibujo de una Mariposa by Marcos Telias (cc by-nc-nd)

Larva Pupa Imago by Eric Schwitzgebel is a short story about love, personhood, and transformation. It's also about erotica for uplifted butterflies.

by taz

United by Music

promo shot of the Eurovision logo against a blue stage background with a fireworks-style heart and flourishes

PearlRose made a great Eurovision 2023 Preview megapost with info on background, rules changes, 2023 highlights, and links to all the semifinal songs!

by taz

Twice in a Lifetime

Promo photo: against a dark background, partial head and torso of David Byrne in the big suit on the left, and on the right, in red, the word Release in a box, and larger text Stop Making Sense, stacked

"a newly remastered version of my original post from 2011": kirkaracha's super juicy post on the newly remastered Stop Making Sense, 2023 now in our beautiful house.

by taz

the hook and the fish

rockindata posted National Park Service Crochet Patterns: four cool patterns, for Halibut (Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve), Walleye (Voyageurs National Park), Triops (Wupatki National Monument), and Lava Flow Crochet Pillow (El Malpais National Monument)

by taz

"He was not a twinkly, saintly Grandpa"

Oh hi, it’s me, MeFi’s own Roald Dahl expert ... web-goddess weighs in on the controversy.

by taz

Do you ever think of me?

"Fred Neil really did go searching for the dolphins in the sea": Don't miss vverse23's Searching for the dolphins in the sea, a lovely tribute to mysterious folk singer-songwriter Neil, his mission, his haunting, soulful song, and the artists who covered it.

by taz

Your chord is the fulcrum of a very extended musical pun

"it's something like an O Henry story, where the revelation in the last line makes you totally reconsider everything that happened in the story - every relationship, and everything you thought you knew on first reading, you have to put in a new light now ..." flug gives an amazing, detailed answer to cubeb's question, "How did Bach make this one jazzy chord fit into a Baroque chord progression?"

by taz

"his failure was epic"

depiction of nearly 20 men on the pitching deck of a ship, crewmen, guards, and five fancily dressed gentlemen, all focusing on a huge wooden telescope suspended and supported by ropes. One man is taking notes, while another prepares to look through the telescope. Woodcut of Guillaume Le Gentil's attempted shipboard observation of the 1761 transit of Venus

Great question and answers in storybored's Ask Metafilter post "Who are some lesser known scientists who failed heroically?"

by taz

43 minutes of tremendous cringe

a giant ... dog? bear? wearing a necklace with a big letter Y on it around its neck and what looks like a dog house on his head swats or attacks a small, caped superhero type person with its humongous tongue. No, I have no idea. None at all.screen capture from video

JHarris posts The Hole of Cartoon Badness, The Best of the Worst Cartoons Ever, with many illuminating notations!

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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