The Thirsty Mailbox

Photo by Rozan Naufal on Unsplash: rows of numbered, locked post boxes with one open and empty

Going To Maine posts David Friedman’s small collection of URLs you can use to stop getting (a bunch of) junk mail (in the US) ... and furnace.heart adds an arousing fourth option in the comments.

by taz

"The Titanic is the Marilyn Monroe of shipwrecks."

visualization of the underwater wreck of the Titanic in its current statevia

Fizz posted Titanic: First ever full-sized scans reveal wreck as never seen before, the first full-sized digital scan of the Titanic, with visualizations pieced together from 700,000 images collected by remote controlled submersibles. (Title via pthomas745 in the comments!)

by taz


50s-style promo poster in black, white, aqua and red with an image of the band and a woman with a beehive hairdo. The text: STORY Of THE #1 INSTRUMENTAL ROCK AND ROLL GROUP OF ALL TIME  Stars on Guitars THE VENTURES

"If you think you aren't interested in or have no connection to this, you're probably mistaken": hippybear posted the 2020 documentary The Ventures: Stars On Guitars, the story of the most famous instrumental rock and roll band in the world.

by taz

Or as his real fans call him, "Dave"

against a black background, a head and shoulders sepia-tone photo of Dave Matthews in a long-sleeved t-shirt holding a white coffee mug and looking into the camera with a serious expression

Dave Matthews: You may have opinions. You may have *strong* opinions. You may have prejudices or fond memories. But only Floydd has the Dave Matthews Toe.

by taz

The way it was

HistoriesHistories by Aldaron (cc by)

paduasoy posted "English Historical Fiction Authors," a group blog that has been going since 2011, where researchers and novelists post about British history. "There are posts about wool and war, Schools of Gardening for Ladies, beds and bugs, aspirin, theatrical censorship, magazines, tours of Ruthin and Snowdon, slipcoat cheese and posset, subversive fairy tales, and The Learned Pig," and more linked selections. Lovely.

by taz

"he agrees with me for all the right reasons"

Confessions of a Disco FreakConfessions of a Disco Freak by kumar303 (cc by-sa)

Often-Interesting Reviews of 2,600+ singles and album tracks by some guy, a tasty reminder of old-school obsessive bloggy goodness, posted by OneGearIsEnough

by taz

Wake me up before you go go

Mystery Spot

old black and white photo of a 1940s French village on a river or canal with a prominent bridge visibleimage via Miss T.Horn

My great-uncle was in a cell in the French Resistance during WWII ... An intriguing question about a 50-year old mystery photo location from Miss T.Horn, and a fabulous answer 37 minutes later by essexjan.

by taz

[Do] Read The Comments

Reading the Fine PrintReading the Fine Print by CaptPiper (cc by-nc)

Comments recently flagged as fantastic:

Recently made us laugh:

Good Answer!

by taz

Let's read

illustration featuring a giant swan regarding a small king at the top of a castle towervia Small Wonders issue 0

Small Wonders Magazine [via mefi projects] is a new online speculative fiction and poetry magazine from Metafilter member lriG rorriM and Stephen Granade. Their inaugural issue contains fiction by Saswati Chatterjee, Premee Mohamed, Wendy Nikel, Charles Payseur, Moses Ose Utomi, and John Wiswell, and poetry by Beth Cato, Mary Soon Lee, and Ali Trotta.

by taz

strange women lying in ponds ...
Continuation of Charles III coronation discussion happening here.

by taz

Local Library Love 📚❤️

cam university librarycam university library by arcibald (cc by-nc)

SaharaRose's post about ways to support libraries in trying times offers suggestions for individuals and multiple resources to help support US libraries and the freedom to read.

by taz

Cool Stuff

IRL, mochapickle and danabanana have organized an online meet for "The Artist's Way" (Julia Cameron's classic creativity program to help with artistic work of all kinds) starting Sunday, May 7, so check in to learn more! And over in Fanfare, DirtyOldTown has posted Trailer Park: May 2023, a collection of fresh trailers for upcoming movies. (See April Trailer Park collection here)

by taz

The best defense is ...

It's like the only one of my stupid schemes that I rolled a 20 on. outgrown_hobnail shares their secret for a surefire thesis defense strategy.

by taz


girl on a game show wearing a white t-shirt with a bright screen-printed design showing a stylized yellow feline against a blue and red backgrounddetail of youtube screen capture

A roaring Ask Metafilter "identify this item" success for moonmilk's question "Do you recognize this t-shirt from 1992?"

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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