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"And that, children, is what we did before AskMetafilter."

When I was a student in the mid-90s, there was a cubicle in one of the University ladies’ toilets that was “the problem toilet.” It was like a problem page...

Great comment by penguin pie on wowenthusiast's question about pre-internet physical bulletin boards.

by taz

A fundamental right

representation of bright neurons against dark blue background all connecting to a central pointPhoto by Enis Can Ceyhan on Unsplash

"Language justice is critically important for health care, legal services, workplace safety, and education": a great member-sponsored post and interesting thread from jessamyn. Sponsored posts are helping with the current, vital fundraising effort, and you can follow these posts on the blue here. (Also, btw: What's metafilter's second language?)

by taz

"neurotypicals could learn, the way autistic people learn"

2015/365/325 Communication Problem2015/365/325 Communication Problem by cogdogblog (cc by)

I mask to be understood, but I do so with the added duress of knowing that if I fail, I am wrong for failing to fit neurotypical expectations. No one says the neurotypical was at fault for making incorrect assumptions about me. So I change my behavior to something that neurotypical people can easily understand. Smile with your cheeks, tilt your head there, pitch your voice here, look at the eyes now, stop swaying, nod, look away now, gesture here. I put in the work to make sure neurotypicals understand what I mean.

In this interesting thread on autistic masking, brook horse has a great personal explanation describing how a neurodivergent person must negotiate any sort of communication in ways that are so stressful and unbalanced.

by taz

"Listen Your Ass Off"

ListenListen by ky_olsen (cc by)

Lyn Never had very good advice about how to listen for someone who wants to become less condescending.

by taz

Little Signs of Love

I love you PisaI love you Pisa by CJS*64 (cc by-nc-nd)

In Ask Metafilter, What small gestures have made you feel loved?

by taz

Are plants sentient?

Ent feet..Ent feet.. by MiddleEarths (cc by)

Fantastic first post from Stonkle!

by taz

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