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Let's read

illustration featuring a giant swan regarding a small king at the top of a castle towervia Small Wonders issue 0

Small Wonders Magazine [via mefi projects] is a new online speculative fiction and poetry magazine from Metafilter member lriG rorriM and Stephen Granade. Their inaugural issue contains fiction by Saswati Chatterjee, Premee Mohamed, Wendy Nikel, Charles Payseur, Moses Ose Utomi, and John Wiswell, and poetry by Beth Cato, Mary Soon Lee, and Ali Trotta.

by taz

The Secret Sauce

⭐️ MetaFilter Events: Week 4 -- For the final week of 2022’s Metafilter Events, it's MetaFilter Week! Get to know Jessamyn and the admin, meet the Steering Committee, discover the secret sauce in MetaFilter's approach to moderation, check out creative performances by fellow Mefites and participate in Metafilter Trivia Night!

by taz

A Reader's Treasure Box

Under the starsUnder the stars by Fan.D & Dav.C Photgraphy (cc by)

IYKYK, but Wobbuffet has made a list, and that's always a reason to celebrate. This one breaks out recommended books that authors have enjoyed reading this year, plus adds links to excellent readable online works by each of those recommending authors. A labor of love for the end of a tough year. 💖

by taz

How about some fun community indoor activities?

"BUSY CITY" by jjlcooterpie (cc by)

Discussion in Metatalk

by taz

Volunteering online

my little helpermy little helper by Robert Couse-Baker (cc by)

What are some online projects where I can volunteer and be helpful?

more than a little bit creepy

SpiesSpies by ocularinvasion (cc by-nc)

Yes, it's a game, but the spy/counterspy stuff crosses so far into the real life of the players that you can't say it's just a game.

ryanrs on "what recreational espionage looks like in EVE" (and why EVE has rich espionage gameplay and other games don't) in a question about hobbyist espionage groups.

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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