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Local Library Love 📚❤️

cam university librarycam university library by arcibald (cc by-nc)

SaharaRose's post about ways to support libraries in trying times offers suggestions for individuals and multiple resources to help support US libraries and the freedom to read.

by taz

*pssst*, hey, buddy ...
Did you know that every Saturday we have MetaTalktail Hour in Metatalk? Most people don't know that.

by taz

Transition Team Post #4
In Metatalk, Transition Team Post #4: The team shares the initial member survey results.

by taz

Dreaming of Electric Sheep

Apocalyptic giant flying bioluminescent jellyfish destroying a city, digital art

Rhaomi entertained the Saturday night crowd in Metatalk by fulfilling requests for art by OpenAI's DALL-E 2

by taz

Bylines & Helplines

We can call for helpWe can call for help by magnetbox (cc by)

We're from Metafilter, and we're here to help. Brainwane is organizing IRL call events to help folks slay (or at least seriously injure) the procrastination demon one task at a time. In Metatalk, Paperwork & Bodywork: short virtual anti-procrastination calls.

by taz

Four years of Mefi Card Club!

PostcardsPostcards by Matt Perich (cc by)

In Metatalk: "Mefi Card Club was started as an ongoing card swap in March of 2018, and is still going strong today — that is over four years!"

by taz

MST3K Club Holiday Stream-a-thon

Looking for chill company over the next few days? Drop in to the Mystery Science Theater Club movie marathon, Dec 23-25.

Mefi Mall 2021

Shop the Mefi Mall for freshly picked, genuine Mefite-made stuff! Sellers, time to add/update your shop!

Sign up soon for Gift swap and Card exchange; also it's NaNoWriMo!

Prepare for festive times! Sign up now for the Mefi Holiday Gift Swap (signups end Nov 11) and Mefi Holiday Card Exchange (signups end Nov 14)!

And NaNoWriMo all month long, commiserate and encourage fellow Mefi writers!

Turn on some music, read a nice letter, have a time travel cocktail

TruToneTruTone by Steve Walser (cc by-nc-nd)

The MetaFilterMusic Podcast is BACK, BABY, thanks to greenish, who has also put up a new MeFi Music Challenge, The Collaboration Station. Meanwhile back in Metatalk, want a letter in your rl mailbox? Cos you can totally get a letter. Check out chiefthe's Modern Pen Pal Project, before Kristi's Metatalktail topic sends you back, back in time, to the small moments.

by taz

Let it Grow

garden posygarden posy by penelope waits (cc by)

Last summer I made a long-held dream of mine come true and started a free garden with herbs and tomatoes and beans and a painted rock saying "help yourself" in my front yard... RobinofFrocksley, in the Celebrate the Carers Metatalk thread.

by taz


Happy US Thanksgiving! There's the annual MST3K club all-day Watch Party and an open Metatalk chat thread. Thank you for being here.

MeFi Holiday Card Exchange sign-ups

Sign-ups are open until 11/19 for the MeFi Holiday Card Exchange!

US Election Day 2020 on Metafilter

U.S. Election Day on Mefi:
- Main Election day thread on the blue
- Guidance for election threads on Metatalk
- Mefi Chat for nervous pacing
- Break Room no election talk in here
- Activism thread share your phone-banking etc
- Voting thread share your voting story
- MST3K all-day watch party hangout space
- MetaCrafts discord hangout space
- Fucking Fuck thread the place for formless screaming
- There Is Help wiki page list of crisis hotlines
- Mefi Contact Form to reach the moderators

It's time once again for Mefi's annual secret Gift Swap!

Join Mefi's annual secret Gift Swap! Signups are open, deadline is Oct. 28.

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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