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stupid human tricks?

The Human CannonballThe Human Cannonball by (aka Brent) (cc by)

Eyebrows McGee asks Mefites to Tell Us A Fascinating Thing About Yourself.

by taz

Let's get this #WomensMarch started

Today we're kicking off #WomensMarch, the twice-makes-it-a-tradition followup to last year's excellent #JulyByWomen project. It's a month long project to encourage women in the Metafilter community to feel comfortable posting more often, or even for the first time, and if you'd like to participate, it's easy: just put together a post, and tag it with "WomensMarch" and "MonthByWomen".

And if you're a little nervous or just don't know where to start, don't worry: a bunch of generous folks have spoken up in the Metatalk thread to offer mentoring, collaboration, post ideas, and just general support for whoever wants it.

Last year's #JulyByWomen was a really positive, and really successful, community-organized initiative, and led to a huge variety of interesting posts and lots of first-time and haven't-in-a-while posters (and even some brand new members!) getting involved. We're happy it went so well, and we're excited to return to the idea this month and make #MonthByWomen a part of the Metafilter community tradition.

by cortex

MefiSwap 2013 is a go!
Do you like swapping actual physical mix CDs with actual physical mefites? Check MefiSwap 2013, then.

by cortex

"Your priorities change when you've lived through soul-crushing experiences"

NRCSDC01017NRCSDC01017 by USDAgov (cc by)

MetaFilter member fraula tells the story of her amazing great-grandmother and how she struggled, yet supported not only her immediate and extended family, but the entire neighborhood as well:

My great-grandma always said she did it because we were all in it together. Maybe it's easier to understand when you know the crushing poverty, abandonment, violence, and terror of a tall, strong drunkard of a husband she had, while trying to raise eight children. Alone and sabotaged by abuse.

by mathowie

Kickstart My Heart

MetaFilter's Kickstarter PageA Kickstarter campaign from MeFite symbebekos

MetaFilter members are a talented, creative lot and when they have big projects in need of fundraising they often go to Kickstarter. For the past year or so we've been running the MetaFilter-curated Kickstarter page, showing off all current and successful past projects from MetaFilter members. This page is open to any member of MetaFilter with an active project at Kickstarter. Just contact us to share your KS url and we'll get it added to the page lickety split.

by mathowie

Why did Dan Harmon get fired from Community?

the genius (aka dan harmon) is in the middlethe genius (aka dan harmon) is in the middle by irina slutsky (cc by)

If you wondered why the creator, writer, and show runner Dan Harmon was fired from his own show, what it means, and what will happen going forward, MeFi member Navelgazer explains the situation along with his own perspective from within the TV industry.

by mathowie

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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