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Show-off Cookies?

Top view Closeup mini cookies in vintage box with paperTop view Closeup mini cookies in vintage box with paper by shixart1985 (cc by)

In Ask MetaFilter, What are the fanciest cookies, besides macarons?

by taz

✨ Reminder! The Metafilter Fundraising Auction ends tomorrow (Sunday)! Also, in case you missed it, 2022 MeFi Holiday Card Exchange signups are open until 6am EST 11/20.


Wheeee ... It's time for the sixth MeFi Holiday Card Exchange! 💌❄️✨


MST3K Club Holiday Stream-a-thon

Looking for chill company over the next few days? Drop in to the Mystery Science Theater Club movie marathon, Dec 23-25.

Sign up soon for Gift swap and Card exchange; also it's NaNoWriMo!

Prepare for festive times! Sign up now for the Mefi Holiday Gift Swap (signups end Nov 11) and Mefi Holiday Card Exchange (signups end Nov 14)!

And NaNoWriMo all month long, commiserate and encourage fellow Mefi writers!

MeFi Holiday Card Exchange Planning currently happening in Metatalk, as well as discussing the idea of a CD micro SD Swap, and the possibility of a MeFi Visual Arts Club.


Vintage photos of Juneteenth

"It's time again for that weird thing we do"

collage image of Santa Claus, space traveler and fighter of Satan

in Metatalk: the 7th Annual MST Club Holiday Video Marathon, Social Distancing Edition running from December 23 through to midnight December 25!

by taz

Travel: Life in the Slow Lane

You Love to see it

vintage valentine vintage valentine "Bee" by karen horton (cc by)

It's the Third Annual Metafilter Valentine Mail Exchange! Sign ups are On!

by taz

Winter Wishes

may all your holiday wishes come truemay all your holiday wishes come true by rockinmonique

MetaFilter Cares 11th Annual Gift and Donation Drive now in Metatalk.

(Also, ps: don't miss the traditional Jingle Rock Bell sacred observance)

by taz

Cookies Are Enabled

Homemade cookie ornamentsHomemade cookie ornaments by Heart Windows Art (cc by)

Sign-ups for The Great Mefi Cookie Swap are now open in Metatalk!

by taz

It's a Post Party

MailboxMailbox by Eva Ganesha (cc by-nc)

The 2019 MeFi Holiday Card Exchange is happening in Metatalk! ❄️📮

by taz

Under the MSTletoe

The MeFi MST Club kids want to let you know that Christmas Video Marathon festivities are go, it's all taking place here, and "we’re planning on seeing it through till Midnight December 25."

by taz

Preparing to get our Jingle on!

holiday fenceholiday fence by Muffet (cc by)

Some Mefi holiday planning afoot: MeFi Holiday Card Exchange discussion here (sign up by Friday 11/23); submit your shop and/or do some shopping at the Mefi Mall featuring member goodies for sale; Mefi's traditional MST3K Turkey Day is on (but happening on Nov. 18th, not on Thanksgiving Day); if you signed up for Secret Quonsar 2018, don't forget that the send-by date is December 1!

by taz

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