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It must not be too sweet or creamy

In love.In love. by marfis75 (cc by)

"It was a simple, warm potato salad" ... Long lost potato salad love in Ask Metafilter

by taz

Gnawing Questions

Potato on a White BackgroundPotato on a White Background by wuestenigel (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, Can this potato salad be improved?

by taz

She cooks with her eyes

127 - With kheer to follow127 - With kheer to follow by Crispin Cresswell (cc by-nc-nd)

When it comes to comfort food, what I crave isn’t sweets, or melted cheese, or creamy pasta, or brothy soups. Like many Kashmiris, I long for rogan josh, our traditional lamb dish, spicy and rich, whose recipe my mum holds hostage in Michigan. ChuraChura posts Priyanka Mattoo's How to Extract a Mother’s Rogan Josh Recipe Over Zoom.

by taz

"toasting the decline of their stock price"

Cherenkov CocktailCherenkov Cocktail by Apionid (cc by-nc-nd)

2 jiggers of frustration, garnish with a soupçon of rage: help anonymous make the perfect spite cocktail.

by taz

Awesome Sauce

Knoblauchmayonnaise. AioliKnoblauchmayonnaise. Aioli by marcoverch (cc by)

Looking for dead simple sauces I can make by stirring things together: in Ask Metafilter, CiaoMela asks for your easiest, no-hassle recipes.

by taz

Scratching Around in Ask Me ...

Happy Easter!Happy Easter! by The hills are alive* (cc by)

Chickenologists calculate Gaston's breakfast needs, while other Mefites try to Whisk up the best salted oatmeal cookie recipe, file helpful insights about a career in records and information management, support the seeker of a "bralette for the large of boob," and dig for gold in search of authors with a gift for beautiful metaphors and fiction that make you see daily life differently.

by taz

If there was ever a time to overthink a plate of beans...

Vegetarian ChiliVegetarian Chili by ilovememphis (cc by-nc-nd)

Okay, folks, time to get serious now: *s wants to win the office vegetarian chili competition. Let us not fail our comrade in need!

In other news, the mythic quest for a seriously intense brownie recipe, and the dream of a for-reals healthy muffin.

by taz

'Ween Cuisine

Kryptonite candy glows under UVKryptonite candy glows under UV by Bekathwia (cc by-sa)

This is a weird question about a fantasy my son has about "cooking" with Halloween candy. For months he's been talking about making "Sweet Stew," a "recipe" he made up in which the Halloween candy is ground up in the food processor and then mixed with peanut butter. Is there any real recipe for something we can make with Halloween candy?

Is there a recipe that will use up Halloween candy?

by taz

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