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BarcodeBarcode by Conor Lawless (cc by)

So I once met the person who invented barcodes, a woman engineer working for IBM in the mid-60s ... She is, of course, not named on the patent: basalganglia talks the origins of the barcode in jessamyn's great fundraising member-sponsored post on supermarkets. All member-sponsored posts here.

by taz

No spoiled broth here

Screen shot of Japanese cook preparing meals in small open kitchen of small Japanese restaurant

Tiny Japanese restaurants in 4K. "... there's a whole channel of these wholesome, calming and hunger-inducing videos"

by taz

"And goddamn it was tasty"

There is a more summer dish than this ? Water melon,  feta and mint.  @ristorantelavolpenera #tuscany #toscana #toskana #chianti #salvadonica #summerdish #watermelon #fetaThere is a more summer dish than this ? Water melon, feta and mint. @ristorantelavolpenera #tuscany #toscana #toskana #chianti #salvadonica #summerdish #watermelon #feta by Salvadonica, Chianti, Tuscany (cc by)

nayantara is looking for unusual food combos in Ask Metafilter

by taz

How to get a head in life

lollipoplollipop by Flóra (cc by)

at which point everyone ... took pieces of his head home for later snacking: ricochet biscuit reminisces about the ultimate giant chocolate gift in this thread about a giant disgusting lollipop (and other giant disgusting food).

by taz

Easy summer batch meals

Are you old enough to have wine?

Sighetu-Marmatiei: Pensiunea KonnakSighetu-Marmatiei: Pensiunea Konnak by Daniel ENGELVIN (TWO Millions thanks)

How they do it in Transylvania; DirtyOldTown comments in the #swedengate thread

by taz

Hello, beautiful!

photo of scoop of white ice cream with fruit preserves and walnuts on top served on a pretty dessert plateDondurma Turkish mastic ice cream

What are foods that made you say, "Where have you been my whole life?!" What else have we been eating in Ask Metafilter lately? Tortillas, garlic, maple syrup jelly, stir-fry, salads, quick lunches, scones, mango pickle, risotto.

by taz

Not So Paleo, Actually

Wild grainWild grain by ibm4381 (cc by)

clew's post Stones speak and ashes live explores recent archeological research and evidence that "shred the long-standing idea that early people subsisted mainly on meat."

by taz

A specialist occupation?

Hotpoint  All Pink Kitchen, 1961Hotpoint All Pink Kitchen, 1961 by JoeInSouthernCA (cc by-nd)

I'll put it bluntly: modern cooking is a social dick-measuring contest: Kadin2048 has an intriguing comment about the "fixation on cooking at home as a moral good" in theora55's post on Ultraprocessed Foods.

by taz

Maybe later, thanks!

Nothing is real, Nibble and Drink Me, Alice in Wonderland Salt and Pepper Shakers, Borel Park and Shafter Street,  City of San Mateo, California, USANothing is real, Nibble and Drink Me, Alice in Wonderland Salt and Pepper Shakers, Borel Park and Shafter Street, City of San Mateo, California, USA by Wonderlane (cc by)

"Oysters are one thing — Rocky Mountain Oysters are quite another. What other foods are there where adding a toponym materially and radically changes the dish (generally for the worse)?" ["Toponym," fyi]

by taz

Alfresco faves

FoodFood by Marc Di Luzio (cc by)

cozenedindigo wants to know "What's your favorite BBQ side?"

by taz

"Many would have already eaten the paint"

Project 365 #284: 111018 Colour BoxProject 365 #284: 111018 Colour Box by comedy_nose (cc by)

No matter how delicious they look, the oil pastels will taste terrible and not be good for the liver or kidneys: actual professional input on an Ask Me post about the (apparently not *that* unusual) desire to eat oil pastels.

by taz

She cooks with her eyes

127 - With kheer to follow127 - With kheer to follow by Crispin Cresswell (cc by-nc-nd)

When it comes to comfort food, what I crave isn’t sweets, or melted cheese, or creamy pasta, or brothy soups. Like many Kashmiris, I long for rogan josh, our traditional lamb dish, spicy and rich, whose recipe my mum holds hostage in Michigan. ChuraChura posts Priyanka Mattoo's How to Extract a Mother’s Rogan Josh Recipe Over Zoom.

by taz

Shell Shock

YarrrYarrr by Eric Kilby (cc by-sa)

Would lions eat clams?

by taz


Shiromi Mentai - close-up - Shira Nui AUD5.50 eachShiromi Mentai - close-up - Shira Nui AUD5.50 each by avlxyz (cc by-sa)

Omnomnom asks, Every time I go nuts about food, it involves umami. Can you be a chef in my imaginary themed restaurant and create a two- or three course feast to let me revel in umami?

by taz

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