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"Bring me all your best popsicle recipes"

Organic Watermelon PopsiclesOrganic Watermelon Popsicles by Growing a Green Family (cc by-sa)

I have shiny new popsicle molds. I wish to spend the rest of the summer making all sorts of tasty frozen treats. ... What awesome recipes can you send my way?

Stacey, ISO some chill thrills on the Green.

by taz

Craigslist tip: Put some fruit on that table.

Amansara Fruit bowlAmansara Fruit bowl by boydiz (cc by)

I sold a kind of lame coffee table (that I bought at a thrift store for 50 cents) for $50 using the fruit trick. I sold a cheap, scraped and scuffed Ikea pressboard endtable that I got for free for $10 using the fruit trick. I even made five whole bucks selling a fucking used tire that I pulled out of the lake using the fruit trick. (Yes, I put a goddamned bowl of fruit on top of the tire. Yes, I made sure to state that the bowl of fruit was not for sale. Yes, I clearly stated the provenance of the tire.)

phunniemee discusses the best way to sell things more effectively on Craigslist.

by jessamyn

A peach of ripening advice

PeachesPeaches by La Grande Farmers' Market (cc by)

Former fruit agency and Whole Foods employee jocelmeow offers amazing detailed advice on how to find and treat yourself to the best peaches possible.

Ethylene (the fruit's natural ripening gas) output rises for a while but then levels off. The level of sugar the fruit contains and its red color stay exactly the same. The effect of all these changes is that the fruit goes from hard and sour to soft and sweet.

by mathowie

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