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A specialist occupation?

Hotpoint  All Pink Kitchen, 1961Hotpoint All Pink Kitchen, 1961 by JoeInSouthernCA (cc by-nd)

I'll put it bluntly: modern cooking is a social dick-measuring contest: Kadin2048 has an intriguing comment about the "fixation on cooking at home as a moral good" in theora55's post on Ultraprocessed Foods.

by taz

looking for fresh ideas

fresh corn saladfresh corn salad by wuestenigel (cc by)

Summer salads and vegetarian pasta sauces wanted, please.

by taz

Just Me And These 8 Nectarines

nectarine-heart at sunsetnectarine-heart at sunset by Mayr (cc by)

I have 8 nectarines, a reasonably well-stocked kitchen, and a song in my heart. What is the best nectarine-based dessert?

by taz

Alfresco faves

FoodFood by Marc Di Luzio (cc by)

cozenedindigo wants to know "What's your favorite BBQ side?"

by taz

recipe herding

RecipesRecipes by pirate johnny (cc by-nc-nd)

"I have cookbooks. I have recipes printed out and shoved into cookbooks. I have recipes in Evernote. I have recipes pinned on Pinterest. How can I get all of my recipes in one spot and display them while I cook?"

by taz

Intermediate staples?

Bartje Boemboe // Frank FestivalBartje Boemboe // Frank Festival by Merlijn Hoek (cc by-nc-nd)

Phunniemee asks, "What's the next level after basic? What should I keep in my fridge and pantry to enable me to cook slightly more interesting than basic food?" The primroses were over kicks off the answers with a great tip on lemons 🍋 and furnace.heart brings the link love for various pantry staples by cuisine.🌶

Meanwhile, over in Fanfare, people are talking about the novel In an Absent Dream 📖, and the film The Old Guard 🎬 among other things.

by taz

She cooks with her eyes

127 - With kheer to follow127 - With kheer to follow by Crispin Cresswell (cc by-nc-nd)

When it comes to comfort food, what I crave isn’t sweets, or melted cheese, or creamy pasta, or brothy soups. Like many Kashmiris, I long for rogan josh, our traditional lamb dish, spicy and rich, whose recipe my mum holds hostage in Michigan. ChuraChura posts Priyanka Mattoo's How to Extract a Mother’s Rogan Josh Recipe Over Zoom.

by taz


Shiromi Mentai - close-up - Shira Nui AUD5.50 eachShiromi Mentai - close-up - Shira Nui AUD5.50 each by avlxyz (cc by-sa)

Omnomnom asks, Every time I go nuts about food, it involves umami. Can you be a chef in my imaginary themed restaurant and create a two- or three course feast to let me revel in umami?

by taz

It's Alimentary, My Dear Watson

Cooking & EatingCooking & Eating by ☼☼Jo Zimny Photos☼☼ (cc by-nc-nd)

A digest of recent food culture posts on Mefi:

The Food Timeline, evolution of foods dating back to before 17,000BC ⏳; Maria Orosa, Filipina food technologist, chemist, humanitarian, war hero 👩🏽‍🔬; The D.C. Region Doesn’t Have Full-Time Food Critics of Color. Why That Matters 📰; Archeology of Taste is a project about childhood memories 🍭; Consider the potato: How do you prefer yours? 🥔; The Food Flow Model, a web of connections across the continental U.S. 🚚; What Makes Good Comfort Food? A LitHub conversation 🍝; The most taxing work in the kitchen is brain work 🧠Iceland’s last McDonald’s burger simply won’t rot, even after 10 years 🍔.

by taz

In the Kitchen

Awesome Sauce

Knoblauchmayonnaise. AioliKnoblauchmayonnaise. Aioli by marcoverch (cc by)

Looking for dead simple sauces I can make by stirring things together: in Ask Metafilter, CiaoMela asks for your easiest, no-hassle recipes.

by taz

The Very Model of a Modern Major Baker

I'm putting money on Major Clanger to reach the finals roger ackroyd

In FanFare, Major Clanger has been making recipes from this season of GBBO, check it out: Cake Week; Biscuit Week; Bread Week; Dairy Week.

by taz

My Pad or Yours?

Cooking authentic Pad Thai in BangkokCooking authentic Pad Thai in Bangkok by ToastyKen (cc by)

People think they want authentic Thai food until they're eating unrefrigerated squirrel gristle salad made with partially rotted paddy crabs and fermented fish sauce. All of a sudden the gentrified stuff seems pretty appetizing. Eat what you enjoy!

Fascinating insights from telf on Thai nationalism, Pad Thai, the question of authenticity and "the concept of Thainess" in smoke's interesting post about the history of Pad Thai.

by taz

"Deliciousify my rice"

Mayo, the inside scoop

rolls royce mayonnaiserolls royce mayonnaise by jules:stonesoup (cc by)

Alright. I've been a high end cook/chef and I've also worked for as 'Big Mayo' a company as you can in the world. I know mayo inside and out - from making it in small batches, to mass production and sourcing, to which demographics and some indication as to 'why' those demographics buy it ...

Nanukthedog shares a generous dollop of knowledge.

by taz

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