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Hugs and Bears

colorful collage of posters with positive messages drawn and written by young students

Yesterday I spent 5 hours working in the cold garage, encountering much mouse poop, and finally 5 fat mice ... And that's how I came to make my very first MetaFilter post! — dorey_oh in her post thread on the Peptoc Hotline, offering pep-talks by kindergarteners.

by taz

Getting Clear
The Wrong Kind of Cheese turns out to be exactly the Right Kind of Cheese, again, with thoughtful and expert advice on a tricky distance cleanup situation.

by taz

it me

Mirror with frameMirror with frame by Carlos ZGZ (cc by)

Ask Metafilter helpfully suggests seeking expert advice on how to make a bar a more mingle-y space. oh wait

by taz

How do I maintain a happy little kitchen?

"Write like you need it to survive"

Writer's Block IWriter's Block I by Drew Coffman (cc by)

If you haven't checked it out yet, Cozybee has collected 50+ bookmarks for writers and aspiring writers, including worksheets, where to submit, advice for outlining, plotting, breaking through writer's block, worldbuilding, character development, and much more!

by taz

Dear Ask MetaFilter ...

Spiritual AdviceSpiritual Advice by aturkus (cc by)

I am interested in any kind of advice columns ... the more obscure the better

In Ask Me, hepta says, I love advice columns. I want more of them to read. Please share your favourites!

by taz

Dragon Shout Out

end result example of Ryvar's Skyrim moddingend result example of Ryvar's Skyrim modding

I guess it's time I finally write a serious comment about Skyrim modding. Here goes...

Ryvar completes his quest with an amazing comment on what you need to mod your world, like a boss dragonslayer.

by taz

Well said!

Sentiment Analysis for C-of-the-ACMSentiment Analysis for C-of-the-ACM by tsevis (cc by-nc-nd)

Recent comments from Mefites that go behind the scenes or look a little deeper:

pinback on using Google Mobilizer as a proxy to render encrypted and obfuscated TV listings to create electronic program guides "back in the dark early days of digital television in Australia"

Eyebrows McGee on the complicated manipulations and confusion of special taxing districts

allkindsoftime on the hair-raising dangers and machinations of Nairobi's "matatu" minibus transit chaos

yankeefog on the concept of "convening an electoral college" as One Weird Trick for negotiating disputes or decisions in a healthy marriage

a fiendish thingy on resumes and job search etiquette, and why "creative" at this stage is more likely to read as "confusing" and "non-functional"

Frowner on the various considerations of navigating content/trigger warnings or disturbing material in an academic setting

by taz

"Stretch your wings in September"

flying highflying high by Kalexanderson (cc by-nc-nd)

Posting to the front page of Metafilter can seem daunting, mysterious, and/or fraught with with uncertain outcomes. (Spoiler: It is easier than it might look.) If you have never or rarely posted a FPP but would like to, we’re here to help.

Posting to the Front Page: You Can Do It Too! in MetaTalk

by taz

"Look at the signal box. There should be a number."

know when to stopknow when to stop by ** RCB ** (cc by)

Eriko advises on what to do if your vehicle is ever stranded on a train crossing in the recent "It'll buff out" post featuring video of an amazing Train-Limo collision. (no deaths or injury)

by taz

"I rehab and sell collectible cast iron on eBay"

Black Bean BurgersBlack Bean Burgers by C. VanHook Images (vanhookc) (cc by)

Over on Ask MetaFilter, mudpuppie's advice on what to look for when purchasing an old cast iron skillet is filled with great tips.

by mathowie

Tips for the snowpocalypse

STOP Snowing!STOP Snowing! by jpctalbot (cc by)

MeFi member Jane the Brown's guidance on how to survive and manage a heavy snowfall for a first-time homeowner is loaded with good advice.

Do not dig out the foundation. In fact, if it doesn't add to your effort, pile snow against the house. Your foundation should not leak from melting snow any more than it should leak from rain. In the meantime you can pile snow higher when it is against a wall and the snow has insulation properties, so that half burying your house in snow will cut your heating bills.

by mathowie

A peach of ripening advice

PeachesPeaches by La Grande Farmers' Market (cc by)

Former fruit agency and Whole Foods employee jocelmeow offers amazing detailed advice on how to find and treat yourself to the best peaches possible.

Ethylene (the fruit's natural ripening gas) output rises for a while but then levels off. The level of sugar the fruit contains and its red color stay exactly the same. The effect of all these changes is that the fruit goes from hard and sour to soft and sweet.

by mathowie

Someone a little older and wiser always has their back, no matter what

Drawing on index cardDrawing on index card by koalazymonkey (cc by)

In a thread seeking advice/gifts to impart on a 9 year-old receiving his first wallet, MetaFilter member decathecting describes the ultimate reference card for young people:

Make a card that is twice the size you actually need. Fold it in half, and then write on both sides of what is now the outside. Tell the young man that this is his emergency card. Include on the card a telephone number that you promise to answer, day or night, if he is in trouble and needs an adult, no questions asked. Advice about stuff he can't talk to his parents about, help getting a ride home from someplace he's not supposed to be, bail money, whatever. Before you laminate it, slip a $50 bill between the two halves, inside the fold. Tell him it's there, and that it's his emergency money, and that it will always be there if he needs it, but that the money is a one-time offer, so he really needs to save it for a situation he can't get out of on his own.

by mathowie

What was the most comforting condolence sentence you ever heard?

At restAt rest by kennymatic (cc by)

Knowing what to say when a friend or family member tells you about someone's passing is never easy, and compounds an already less-than-ideal situation. The question "What was the most comforting condolence sentence you ever heard?" has so many good answers for what to say at that moment that I'll just point to the whole thread.

by mathowie

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