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Picture me, the guru said

Drawing of a Butterfly - Dibujo de una MariposaDrawing of a Butterfly - Dibujo de una Mariposa by Marcos Telias (cc by-nc-nd)

Larva Pupa Imago by Eric Schwitzgebel is a short story about love, personhood, and transformation. It's also about erotica for uplifted butterflies.

by taz


close-up photo of a simple wooden mousetrap

"We probably don't go around thinking of Agatha Christie as leaving a 'residue of horror' except that is one of its pleasures, isn't it? These people live in a world even more dangerous than our own--piles of strychnine, whole truckloads of it, just lying about, waiting for you to slight the wrong person and wind up dead."

Mittens has a great comment about crime fiction, crime writing, and crime writers in the Agatha Christie thread.

by taz

Smooth Criminal?

Black and white cartoon style silhouette of a bad guy in hat and cape looking back over his shouldermodified from an original image from Gareth Simpson on flickr

In Ask Metafilter, Not A Thing is looking for Skilful criminals criming skilfully: "Donald Westlake/Parker fans, what have you found that scratches a similar itch? I'm looking for something where a criminal is at the center of the story: no cops, wannabe cops or vigilantes. Like a police procedural, but for the other side."

by taz

The United States of Fiction

Greetings from Sunny California. (pcard-print-pub-pc-59a)Greetings from Sunny California. (pcard-print-pub-pc-59a) by Fæ (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, tatiana wishbone says "as a reading challenge, I’d like to read the best novel set in each US state. What are your favorites?"

by taz

Well, if you *ask* ...

book cover art from Mother of Demons by Eric Flint

Sciatrix has some excellent recs and observations for some of Eric Flint's non-1632 series books in the Flint obituary thread.

by taz


Summer readingSummer reading by miyagisan (cc by-nc-nd)

In Ask Metafilter, I'm on staycation in a week and want to spend a good part of my time in my backyard, off the internet and social media, with my nose jammed into a book that I can't put down.

by taz


Scene of the crime (novels) at Hay on WyeScene of the crime (novels) at Hay on Wye by Ian-S (cc by-nc)

In Ask Metafilter, There have been many mystery novel questions but this one is mine...

by taz

The signs in the stars

Hands in the skyHands in the sky by ohhhbetty (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, I'm writing a short story where the main character uses a signed language that developed on a space station: A very interesting question and some great answers on signal's request for cultural and linguistic introduction to signed languages for background.

by taz

"blissfully updated"

Ted Chiang's Ted Chiang's "Story of your life" by hwtnv2006 (cc by)

Helping to play out Doubles Jubilee month, Rhaomi with a grand updating of his 2010 post on Ted Chiang, including links to short stories, articles, essays, and interviews.

by taz

"something disturbing to raise your spirits"

LeftoversLeftovers by JD Hancock (cc by)

GenjiandProust's Increasingly Strange Stories for an Increasingly Strange Year is another faboo roundup of weird audio dramas, again with tons of info and links to each one ... And for yet more weird and wonderful, PussKillian has posted NPR's excellent list of the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books of the last decade. Cheers! 👾

by taz

ISO Weird Mysteries

postcard from the day you left, collage, 2020postcard from the day you left, collage, 2020 by yumikrum (cc by-nc-nd)

In Ask Metafilter, azalea_chant is looking for "mysteries that deviate from the standard structure/genre tropes etc. Can be fantasy or science fiction, literary, whatever ... just stuff that’s slightly different"

by taz

Book Recs vs Book Wrecks

Black Sheep Meets White SheepBlack Sheep Meets White Sheep by Ionics (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, kristi is seeking likable characters, good writing, humor. Please recommend all your well-written, likeable characters. Humor appreciated. Plot optional, while kingdead commands, Bring me the unlikeable characters! I want to read books with unhappy endings, angst and drama, body horror, miserable relationships, etc. Absolutely no redemption! If the writing is experimental, all the better.

by taz

Adult Fiction Featuring Queer Joy?

Across and Down

Project 365 #90: 310319 Fuzzy LogicProject 365 #90: 310319 Fuzzy Logic by comedy_nose (cc by)

crosswords ↔️ cross words
typewriters ↔️ writer types
mail order ↔️ male order?
catalog ↔️ log a cat
flash fiction ↔️ fash friction

(ps: witness kurumi's cunning coup of cruciverbalist craft!)

by taz

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