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Past repast

WC [toilet facilities]WC [toilet facilities] by State Records NSW

History pals!

Enjoy some newly-animated historical city photos, plus barnacles on the history of Australian public bathrooms "in case you're the sort of person that wants to see 115-year old survey sketches of toilets and urinal blocks".

Or listen to the meticulously recreated ambient sounds of 1700s Paris.

How about Marie Duval, 19th century woman cartoonist called 'one of the forgotten wonders of nineteenth-century art .. the bizarre dreamlike distortions of her comic world look like some steampunk 21st-century version of Victorian London."

Or the re-discovered ancient Chinese texts that rewrite the early history of Taoism and Confucianism.

Speaking of, what are some examples of historical events that are commonly misunderstood?

Did you catch teponaztli transcribing some diary pages from 1799-1804 New York City? "The most I've seen her write about anything was how much she hates games, which I love for its being an angry rant from 200+ years ago."

Or enjoy the brief video on the baseball fan Wild Bill Hagy, which is a time capsule of 1979 Baltimore.

Harking back to 1979, share some sense-memories in what was it like when everybody smoked?

Or looking further back - what was sugar like in 1631?

Finally, what are the best history nerds on Youtube?

February for Library Lovers

Alcove 5BAlcove 5B by ep_jhu (cc by-nc)

Dr. Carla Hayden could be the #nextLOC: President Obama announces his intent to nominate Dr. Carla Hayden as the next Librarian of Congress

A peek into the traveling libraries of light house keepers: "When he visits a lighthouse that has a library he takes it away and replaces it"

"Obama's face has been etched out": A short video tour of the library at Guantanamo

Plus, a popular favorite from the vaults: Remember, if approached by a librarian, keep still. Do not run away.

And, recently in Ask Me: Why are comics and graphic novels catalogued as nonfiction in libraries?

by taz

A young man stands in his bedroom


One post.
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Confused? No? You will be! Rorgy tackles (and tackles, and tackles) the question, "What is Homestuck even about?"

by taz

My girlfriend and I finished inventorying and filing my collection of 7000+ comics...

Fan Expo Vancouver 2012Fan Expo Vancouver 2012 by John Biehler (cc by-nc-sa)

jdroth explains how to get started evaluating a comic book collection.

by jessamyn

There's much more to comics than DC and Marvel

Rogue vs. Parasite (212/365)Rogue vs. Parasite (212/365) by JD Hancock (cc by)

MeFite Narrative Priorities talks about a decade working in the comics industry.

Marvel and DC aren't the primary sources of forward momentum within the comics industry. Arguably, their relevance to the working comics community as a whole is at an all-time low. I have worked in comics for years, and the only thing that Batman makes possible in my life is a pile of movies I don't watch and books that I don't read.

by jessamyn

The lowdown on Dick Tracy

Shel Dorf with Warren BeattyShel Dorf with Warren Beatty by Alan Light (cc by)

Another stellar don't-miss-it post from member hippybear, this time covering everything interesting about the 1990 feature film Dick Tracy.

by mathowie

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