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"a genetic predisposition for dog doodling"

school workbook doodle18th century school workbook doodle via The Museum of English Rural Life

I think what I like best is that it reminds me of my own school maths book, except my handwriting was rubbish and the doodles were of my scruffy Jack Russell rather than sporty rabbit chasing dogs.

Richard Beale was my great great great grandfather ... It's been very weird to see my ancestor's doodles going viral: Mefi's own intensitymultiply on encountering the MERL's popular twitter thread about an 18th century teen's mathematics workbook

by taz

Euphonious Euschmonious

Some days the rabbit hole goes pretty damn deep.

Compute! Magazine Issue 045

seanmpuckett tells the story of how he wrote a BASIC program to play a Merlin-like game which made it into Compute! magazine and was later the subject of an article in Mathematics Magazine.

by jessamyn

Is a heat pump worth it?

Heat Pump Field InstallationHeat Pump Field Installation by Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M (cc by)

MeFite larkery explains some of the data you have to assess when considering whether a heat pump is worth the expense.

In conclusion: it's really hard to work out whether heat pumps are a good idea or not - you need a lot of different data to get a good result, and some of those data are hard to come by.

by jessamyn

Why Yes, That Is A Prime Factorization Sweater.

Knitter nerd Sondra Eklund wearing a hand-made sweater with a prime factorization design.Sondra Eklund's prime factorization sweater.

This is a nice little find from Metafilter user Foci for Analysis this morning: a sweater which expresss the prime factors of the first hundred integers graphically. In base ten, and base eight on the back, and bases two and three on the sleeves while you're at it because why the heck not. The creator, Sondra Eklund, explains the visual methodology on her blog, and discusses the visual order in the colors and shapes:

The patterns are wonderful and fascinating. You’ll quickly notice that the yellows and the blues line up, because 5 and 2 are factors of 10. You also might notice that all perfect squares are symmetrical. Multiples of 11 go in a lovely pink diagonal across the sweater. There are hundreds more patterns.

by cortex

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