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Look out, kid

On black backgound, Twitter bird logo fading from blue to white as it flies toward a tunnel of lightjust putting the meta in metaphorical

In Ask Metafilter, Twitter account utility or helpful tool to keep following users? Related conversation on the Blue: Subterranean birdsite blues.

by taz

Twitter as a Utility

Twitter iconTwitter icon by Jurgen Appelo (cc by)

... what ends up happening is you need more and more people to manage smaller and smaller things ... Wow! Very interesting insider comment from wooh on the scale challenges and other issues that have steered the engineering side of Twitter.

by taz

Twittery titters

comic by Sarah Lesson, via chaospet

In Ask Metafilter, Your favorite funny Twitter accounts?

by taz

Give me your glabrous, your rugose, your shambling masses ...

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty by Stina Stockholm (cc by-nc-nd)

Halloween Jack on the Statue, amid many other unsettling thread remarks (brrrr!) in signsofrain's post reminiscing about how we worshipped the husk.

Enjoy! Or dip in as a palate cleanser between y2karl's Gorgo 2049 video post (SCP alert!) and GenjiandProust's “I Wear No Mask” and Other Horrors newest weird audio dramas post.

by taz

Alt Better

Refreshable braille display by Sebastien.delorme from wikimedia.orgRefreshable braille display by Sebastien.delorme - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 from

Hippybear posted a very helpful link on how to write image descriptions in Twitter for people with vision impairment or low vision!

by taz

"it's worse than you think"

Rusty iron cogs in Santurtzi harbour, Santurtzi, SpainRusty iron cogs in Santurtzi harbour, Santurtzi, Spain by John Briody Photography (cc by)

I spent the first nine years of my legal career working with veterans who were seeking VA disability benefits ... bile and syntax offers an insider view of the shocking state of the US Veterans Administration in the US Army tweets “How has serving impacted you? thread.

by taz

"a genetic predisposition for dog doodling"

school workbook doodle18th century school workbook doodle via The Museum of English Rural Life

I think what I like best is that it reminds me of my own school maths book, except my handwriting was rubbish and the doodles were of my scruffy Jack Russell rather than sporty rabbit chasing dogs.

Richard Beale was my great great great grandfather ... It's been very weird to see my ancestor's doodles going viral: Mefi's own intensitymultiply on encountering the MERL's popular twitter thread about an 18th century teen's mathematics workbook

by taz

Penguin Paladins, Pranksters, Rapscallions, and Rogues

Penguins at NANZ imagePenguin dramaz at NANZ

Burny is the vigilante anti-hero penguin we didn't know we needed. Faint of Butt

@jonnywaistcoat chronicles the Naughty and Good Penguins at the National Aquarium of New Zealand

by taz

New Tricks

The Hole Shebang

Chompsky in the holeChompsky in the hole

Great answer by barchan to popcassady's question, "Found this footprint shaped hole in a rock at the beach. Is it a dinosaur footprint?"

In other news of holes and dinosaurs, Dinosaur Comics author Ryan North turns to Twitter when he and dog Chompsky get trapped in a hole. Amusing thread ensues.

by taz


Truly, the glue that's holding civilization together, however tenuouslyTruly, the glue that's holding civilization together, however tenuously by Saucy Salad (cc by)

The Twitter universe spent the weekend in a tizzy over the use of semicolons in javascript. If you hadn't heard or none of it makes much sense, this post by Deathalicious is a good backgrounder on the issues at play.

by mathowie

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