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Vintage photos of Juneteenth


April Fun indoor scavenger hunt

Come join our April non-fools day Indoor Scavenger Hunt! Can you find all the things? Post a photo or poem etc of your finds, and suggest things for people to seek.

Alt Better

Refreshable braille display by Sebastien.delorme from wikimedia.orgRefreshable braille display by Sebastien.delorme - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 from

Hippybear posted a very helpful link on how to write image descriptions in Twitter for people with vision impairment or low vision!

by taz

On The Road

John Margolies photoJohn Margolies photo via

Great post by zamboni about John Margolies’ photographs of roadside America

by taz

Grab bag cont'd

Malta 08-09-2006 17.00.44Malta 08-09-2006 17.00.44 by Heini Samuelsen (cc by-sa)

Members look back over their AskMe questions, reminding us things can get better over time

Photo quiz: Can you find the cat hiding in plain sight?

Grooming confessions: How and where do Mefites cut our toenails?

Can't transport enough fuel to your remote mining site? With 19th century ingenuity you can run your industrial equipment all on water power.

Falconetti says, "I was just on Jeopardy! a week and a half ago..."

Are salt grinders any good? furnace.heart answers, as a person who used to work in a retail salt store

Grab bag

mitred noro blanketmitred noro blanket by Alex "Skud" Bayley (cc by)

I need a new delightfully tedious hobby!

Can you help with this mystery photo of 1860s woman?

Live video translation by a random person, and telecom in the Faroe Islands

July Viewfinder

Out of Nowhere photo by Ray Kelly"Out of Nowhere" by Ray Kelly

So MANY great photo posts this month: a rare view of Victorian Women of Color; "Through Our Eyes" asked 100 homeless people in Spartanburg, South Carolina to take pictures of their lives; Vintage aerial photos of rural America; Was Diane Arbus the Most Radical Photographer of the 20th Century?; Six degrees of Copenhagen by Jens Juul; WaterWigs project by Tim Tadder; Restricted Areas series by Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko; freaky and cute Secret Friends; photographs by Degas; using drones to portray scenes of inequality in South Africa; Famous landmarks photographed from the "wrong" direction.

by taz

Places and languages

inside elevationinside elevation by parramitta (cc by)

Why does Wyoming have such a low population compared to neighboring states? barchan explains, jeb adds: "everything in the West comes back to water".

Ever wonder what a "nor'easter" is? Check out the great answers from Seymour Zamboni, plastic_animals, and weathergal in rules of thumb for weather patterns in the USA.

Lots of different places have unique colloquial weather terms too. (Gullywashers, the foxes' wedding, and lots of wind terms again from barchan.)

Also in language surveys: What are some antiquated place nicknames (like the Borscht Belt)? What do other languages call it when your foot "falls asleep"?

Different cultures also have their own languages of flower-meanings. Plus some cool info from sukeban on how new imported flowers like roses made their way into kimono designs in the late 19th century.

For geography/history detectives: How can I tell, just from clues in the document itself, when a world map was made or figure out when a photograph was taken?

Did you see the new photos from the formerly-hidden-from-visitors North Korean subway system?

Some great answers in travel threads recently: Italy: non-traditional but amazing?, and also Scotland: what not to miss.

Ley Lines

Kozyndan Nakano In Spring detailKozyndan Nakano In Spring detail

Recently on Mefi, people and places around the world, enchanting, mysterious and magnetic:

The Banjo Bands of Malawi is a video clip featuring three different performances of a certain strain of folk music from the small African nation.

From the 1920s to the 1960s, German people loved to pose with actors dressed as polar bears.

LA-based art duo kozyndan posted an immersive "VR" experience of their 2009 Miyazaki-esque piece "Nakano In Spring".

by taz

Color commentary on ColorizedHistory

"Wow, I love a lot of these. But as I was going through the reddit thread, I came across this picture. It isn't the most stunning example of colorization, but it was striking to me nonetheless. The person in the photo is my great uncle, Raymond Bowman..."

milkcrateman recognizes a relative.

by jessamyn

The Great (Lost) Wall of China

Great Wall by michswissGreat Wall by michswiss

In a thread about "lost" or unrestored sections of the Great Wall of China, many members are sharing great stories of visiting relic sections of the Wall: story from awfurby, photos from michswiss, and lucy.jakobs' story and photos of an epic hike.

by mathowie

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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