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Cinema Time

steampunk timemachinesteampunk timemachine by damian.eastwood (cc by)

"I want to make a list of films that evoke a strong sense of time (and possibly place). Through dialogue, sets, etc. they transport you to the era in which they're set." In Ask Metafilter, jdroth asks, What movies act as time capsules?

by taz

Mystery Church

The scene is an excavation pit at an unidentified New York City construction site. A crew of six men can be seen shoveling dirt into a four-wheeled wooden cart. Then a full cart is slowly lifted out of the pit to street level by a steam-powered crane. These carts are similar in design to those shown dumping rubble at the end of the film New York City Dumping Wharf. Advertisements and campaign posters can be seen on the exposed wall of the building in the background.Excavating for a New York foundation, 1903

I feel like the lead character on a Hollywood Forensics show, able to produce amazing results from the other characters by saying "...Enhance." In Ask Metafilter theatro asks "Manhattan history detectives: what church is (was?) this?" and gets a great investigative analysis.

by taz

Bloody Iconic

gauzy screen-cap of Bowie head and shoulders elegant smoking a cigarette and looking hungry

Got to thinking about how Bowie was in The Hunger and Tom Waits was in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Are there other vampire movies with iconic musicians? mermaidcafe in Ask Metafilter

by taz

'Tis a silly place

The Holy GrailThe Holy Grail by Tobyotter (cc by)

Fun reminiscences by Marky and others in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail thread in FanFare.

by taz

More for "Analogue Wednesday"

brightly colored photo of flower with abstract backgroundPhoto by Wendy Laurel at Lomography Magazine

Film soup is an experimental analog photography technique where you soak a roll of film in different liquids to add fun, crazy colors and effects: oulipian's post Recipes for Rainbows from last month.

by taz


"for educational purposes only"

still of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark in black and white

Mefites are discussing Steven Soderbergh's black-and-white cut of Raiders of the Lost Ark with music by Trent Reznor and no dialog. Are there other films that are better in black and white? Molesome knows some.

Meanwhile, over in Metatalk, Last day to submit to Mefi Music Swap, MeFi Mag revisited, MetatalkMimosas: Your Music Muse!, Updated Community Guidelines, and Site Update #1.

by taz

Everyone's a Critic: Time Slip Edition

illustration of young children in party clothes toddling down corridor of foundering ship at 11 pmEagle-eyed 1920s viewers wanted to know why these kids were awake, overdressed, and rambling about at 11 pm

It's oddly comforting to know that people have always been fussy about make-believe. — Burhanistan

Ten Cold Hot Dogs posts the Tropes, Cliches and Sloppy Mistakes that Annoyed Moviegoers 100 Years Ago

by taz

Overthinking a plate of Jellicles?

He Who Casts the First Stone

Siege of GondorSiege of Gondor by Masked Builder (cc by)

deeply nerdy pedantry about LotR and history.. I'm down! — drewbage1847

LOTR fans are enjoying Chrysostom's post on a historian’s look at the Siege of Gondor in Peter Jackson’s Return of the King.

by taz

"How, really, ought Chirin to live?"

detail from video cover showing Chirin as a young innocent lamb

Chirin’s Bell is like if, instead of Bambi being raised by his father after the death of his mother, he sought out the hunters who killed his mother and insisted they teach him how to use a gun: interesting post from J.K. Seazer on an unusual children's book (and film), plus a great analysis of the work.

by taz

48 bytes to spare

Census punch card readerCensus punch card reader by shandrew (cc by-nc)

From the constraints of 1860s banknote sizes to "the opulent luxury of two entire kilobytes of display memory," MeFi's own mhoye dives 2500 words deep into the history of terminal aspect ratios in cgc373's post, "80×25."

by taz

Sady, Sady, Scary Lady

Patrick Bateman NAKED in tanning bed with subtitle SOMETHING HORRIBLE IS HAPPENING INSIDE OF ME

Sady recommends horror: coolname points us toward some excellent film commentary by Sady Doyle that will maybe make you rethink some things you thunk before.

by taz

Women's Work

Baba YagaBaba Yaga by Lady Orlando (cc by)

Listing the greatest songs by 21st century women; acquiring Artemesia Gentileschi; remembering activist Maria L. de Hernandez; applauding Therese Okoumou, shero for liberty; celebrating Kate Bush & Emily Brontë; & Emily Brontë; & Emily Carr, Canadian art pioneer; energizing recognition for women of science; peeking at Parker Posy's memoir; enjoying Nahre Sol's Pocket Pieces compositions; feeling good with Summery Lesbian Movies for Summer Lesbianing.

by taz

July Bijou

The Letter Carrier short film imageThe Letter Carrier short film

Furnished: Film and Furniture furnishes you with fascinating facts about the décor in your favourite films

Unfurnished: This Is The Most Filmed In Alley In NYC

Selling the sizzle: This Is Why You Can't Stop Watching Movie Trailers

Selling the steak: Why Dwayne Johnson is the new Schwarzenegger

Crossed: "A Report Of Connected Events," short film blurs the lines between reality and our favourite stories

Double-crossed: Wild Things ... 12 double-crosses in a movie with a runtime of 108 minutes

Defining: Polish Radio Experimental Studio influenced animation soundtracks for generations to come

Redefining: a three-part essay series on costume design for heroic female characters

Time and space: This May Be Stanley Kubrick Explaining the End of 2001

Time and place: "The Letter Carrier," exquisite, chilling fable in a short film

by taz

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