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"a bitter, poisonous read ..."

Come for the "simple listicle designed to elicit clicks and furious argument" (– doctornemo), stay for the explanation of why Lovecraft is an incel (– mittens) in the Esquire 50 Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time thread.

by taz

The United States of Fiction

Greetings from Sunny California. (pcard-print-pub-pc-59a)Greetings from Sunny California. (pcard-print-pub-pc-59a) by Fæ (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, tatiana wishbone says "as a reading challenge, I’d like to read the best novel set in each US state. What are your favorites?"

by taz

Wave if you know the answer!

Storm SurgeStorm Surge by Krystal.Hamlin (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, cda is looking for the best products that smell like the ocean

by taz

Hello, beautiful!

photo of scoop of white ice cream with fruit preserves and walnuts on top served on a pretty dessert plateDondurma Turkish mastic ice cream

What are foods that made you say, "Where have you been my whole life?!" What else have we been eating in Ask Metafilter lately? Tortillas, garlic, maple syrup jelly, stir-fry, salads, quick lunches, scones, mango pickle, risotto.

by taz


Simply the BestSimply the Best by Ray Larabie (cc by)

I have big feelings about my very bougie toilet brush!centrifugal. In Ask Metafilter, dobbs wants to know What are your favorite mundane items? "I want to own the best box cutter, oven mitts, key ring, wallet, dog collar and lead, notebook, pen, reusable shopping bag, bed sheets, sponge, dish washing brush, lint remover, and _______ on the planet."

by taz

"something disturbing to raise your spirits"

LeftoversLeftovers by JD Hancock (cc by)

GenjiandProust's Increasingly Strange Stories for an Increasingly Strange Year is another faboo roundup of weird audio dramas, again with tons of info and links to each one ... And for yet more weird and wonderful, PussKillian has posted NPR's excellent list of the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books of the last decade. Cheers! 👾

by taz

The Bad Place

dystopiadystopia by Mosman Library (cc by)

"These deaths lack individuality!": eotvos posts Paste Magazine's 50 Best Dystopian Movies of All Time, and Mefites add their own analyses and offerings.

by taz

"The reader, reading it, makes it live"

book 23book 23 by kruzul (cc by-sa)

Lots of great reading recommendations by members in the 50 Must-Read Fantasy Books by Women thread

by taz

We all Scream

How to catch an ice cream bearHow to catch an ice cream bear by David Blackwell. (cc by-nd)

Greg Nog wants to know what's the best chocolate ice cream; Mefites have the scoop.

by taz

What is the best cookie recipe?

Funfetti CookiesFunfetti Cookies by nancyhoang (cc by-nc-nd)

The only requirement - the recipe you choose should either be a recipe that you've made (ie, not just a random version on the internet) or you should have evaluated it and determined that it looks like a well-written recipe.

Frowner asks: These are terrible times and I'm fixing to eat my feelings ... what is the best cookie recipe?

by taz

Tell me that you like it, yeah

Tell me something goodTell me something good by Darwin Bell (cc by-nc)

In MetaTalk, Filthy light thief asks What's the best thing you've read and/or heard lately? Share the goodies!

by taz

Title Wave

Johnny Wallflower has announced his winner and runner-up awards for best May post titles, here!

by taz

Best Title Contest
Think you've got what it takes to title your post really well? Because we're havin' a Best Title contest, and you might just win the Best Title Title.

by cortex

July Best Post Contest results

Trophy presented to Don Bradman, 1948Trophy presented to Don Bradman, 1948 by State Library of South Australia (cc by)

The July Best Post contest results are in!

July Best Post Contest!

365.342 - Cracker Jack365.342 - Cracker Jack by nettsu (cc by-nc-nd)

Hey, hey, it's July Best Post Contest! Now with delicious CATEGORIES: "Weekly Best Post," "First and Second Time Posters," "Mod Categories," and "Member Categories."

Come add your own prize category! Vote for the best posts! Make a cool post and win a prize and/or the adulation of your peers!

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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