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Simply the BestSimply the Best by Ray Larabie (cc by)

I have big feelings about my very bougie toilet brush!centrifugal. In Ask Metafilter, dobbs wants to know What are your favorite mundane items? "I want to own the best box cutter, oven mitts, key ring, wallet, dog collar and lead, notebook, pen, reusable shopping bag, bed sheets, sponge, dish washing brush, lint remover, and _______ on the planet."

by taz

Big Ideas

Brooklyn bridgeBrooklyn bridge by (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, storybored asks, What are some real-life thefts of unusually large physical objects? Just curious as to how thieves manage to steal large things. What they stole and how they did it.

by taz

A Peck of Packing Picks

Farewell to good old times 2Farewell to good old times 2 by elitatt (cc by)

Looking for outstanding travel clothes, shoes, accessories: in Ask Metafilter christa asks, What specific items have you found to be particularly useful when traveling?

by taz

Medieval Martha Stewart?

medieval beekeepermedieval beekeeper by hans s (cc by-nd)

Another thing to consider is how dark homes were in the Medieval period. There was not a lot of window glass. Homes were often very smokey and the various sources of light were inadequate. Clutter seems to have become prevalent during the late Georgian/early Victorian era as the lighting improved and manufacturing made extraneous possessions affordable. Until then you did a lot of groping around in the dark. Kitchens were often not part of the main house, as were workshops, weaving galleries and cloisters, places where work could be done outside where there was sufficient light to do it. This probably discouraged them from having a whole lot of stuff on display inside.

Jane the Brown offers a great overview of possibilities, conditions and practicalities surrounding xarnop's question, "Are there any surviving evidence of household decorations from medieval times in Europe?"

by taz

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