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"laid out with merciless iron-clad logic"

Black and white photo of the cast of Succession facing the camera and posing against a white background

The dread was this mix of "No fucking way, it makes no fucking sense, it couldn't be ... it couldn't," and this deeper recognition that, on some level, it had to be. Tom Hanks Cannot Be Trusted takes a deep dive on the "Succession" finale in Fanfare.

by taz

"Murder most horrid"

collage style promo for Magpie Murders with characters Susan Ryeland and Atticus Pünd with a flock of circling magpies in the sky, a single magpie on a bare tree limb, and a sprawling Georgian (?) mansion in the far backgroundRecommended: Magpie Murders

In Ask Metafilter, I'm an Agatha Christie adaptation addict, who's run out of Agatha Christie adaptations to watch. Please help. Unicorn chaser is looking for "that Christie vibe."

by taz

"the problem was Romania had run out of episodes of Columbo"

columbocolumbo by whatleydude (cc by)

That time Peter Falk stopped a revolt in Romania? Kattullus posts about the great Decoder Ring podcasts examining this mystery. Oh, and there's just one more thing... in the comments DirtyOldTown talks about Irina Nistor and the "delightful documentary called Chuck Norris vs. Communism"

by taz

"need more suggestions!"

Sparton Sparton "Saguenay" Television (Model 23M4-C), circa 1960 - Advertising Postcard by Shook Photos (cc by)

We watch entirely too much TV. Help us watch more. In Ask Metafilter, paper scissors sock is looking for the crime drama and dark comedy/dramedy sweet spot.

by taz

"They wanted to democratize television"

Current TV logo looking like a waving flag with large white capital letters spelling CURRENT on a black background

I was with Current TV from the launch in 2005 through 2008: Molasses808 remembers the early years of Current TV in poorchanticleer's thread asking about how to find user created shorts from the channel.

by taz


less-murdery, plz

ThanksgivingDogShowThanksgivingDogShow by krossbow (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, Find me gentle, fictional, happy ending TV.

by taz

Crimin' on my mind

Ransom NoteRansom Note by docoverachiever (cc by)

In Ask Mefi, clarinet wonders, What do I watch after Criminal Minds?, while alex1965 is in search of Gripping, suspenseful podcasts that have a definite resolution, and bookmammal is looking for True Crime Documentaries, and also wants to know, Do you read true crime? Please tell me about your favorite books.

Meanwhile, in FanFare, miss-lapin has posted Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop, and in Metafilter, blue shadows brings us a story of "The Wildest Insurance Fraud Scheme Texas Has Ever Seen": Over a decade, Theodore Robert Wright III destroyed cars, yachts, and planes. That was only the half of it.

by taz


Series poster with the words Lovecraft Country on black background

Mefites are talking about Lovecraft Country on the blue, and in Fanfare.

by taz

dressed to kill time

If that is 'Provia' I'm afraid to try 'Velvia'If that is 'Provia' I'm afraid to try 'Velvia' by Voxphoto (cc by-nc-nd)

Pajamas, pyjamas, shorts, jorts, leggings, jeggings, capris, tees, scrubs and sweats ... forever? Mefites are discussing the unravelling of the US fashion industry.

Meanwhile, in Fanfare, people are talking about The Umbrella Academy second season, the first episode of Star Trek, Lower Decks, Tamsyn Muir's book, Harrow the Ninth, the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter, and the "You're Wrong About" podcast Disco Demolition Night, among other things.

by taz

The Very Model of a Modern Major Baker

I'm putting money on Major Clanger to reach the finals roger ackroyd

In FanFare, Major Clanger has been making recipes from this season of GBBO, check it out: Cake Week; Biscuit Week; Bread Week; Dairy Week.

by taz

These Kids Bring Honor to Us All

Hua Mulan screenshot

...this is kinda amazing. i do not know who made this or how but somehow i am glad it exists. aielen

cubby has posted Hua Mulan, a rather amazing, quirky "live action version of Mulan, with a cast of quite talented child actors," and LEGO Damashii spotted the side-by-side with the Disney version. Great stuff!

by taz

TV chitchat hour

Ban ‘Killer Robots’ Before It’s Too LateBan ‘Killer Robots’ Before It’s Too Late by wackystuff (cc by-sa)

Do you have opinions about the best TV theme songs? Bring 'em over here.

"There are some questions of Muppet ontology that resist easy answers."

The MuppetsThe Muppets by tracilawson (cc by)

You're old enough now, it's time we had the talk: where do Muppets come from?

Grab bag

Two SealsTwo Seals by Wootang01 (cc by-nd)

quiet coyote asks, My sweet old dog loves blankets, can she learn to tuck herself in? (Yes she can.)

thebrokedown says, I need some sweet nice tv shows to soothe my election-weary soul.

Join Mefi's intrepid geographic puzzlehounds in the ongoing thread working on this weekly map quiz.

Huron Bob's tale of unlikely skill, how I crushed a movie star in ping pong

mumimor wants to know all about making your own bacon, sausage, etc. at home.

Are you hungry for hollandaise? Get your recipes here for election breakfast, with bonus terrible joke.

Food mysteries: 7 Minutes of Madness asks, Do you pour soup on pies?

Did you know that Disney ghosts dance backward?

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