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MetaFilter's new Privacy Policy
MetaFilter has a new formal Privacy Policy document; you can read about it here.

by cortex

22 years and counting
Happy Birthday, MetaFilter! You're 22 this year! That's rather a lot.

by cortex

174: Knobs and Dials
Need some weekend listening? Here's Episode 174 of the MetaFilter podcast with cortex and jessamyn.

by cortex

173: No That's A Different Penguin
Hey, it's Episode 173 of the MetaFilter Monthly Podcast with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

Gaza and discussion threads
A note from the moderation team on the situation in Gaza and MetaFilter discussions

by cortex

172: I'll Get There At Some Point
Ahoyhoy, it's episode 172 of the MetaFilter podcast with jessamyn and cortex!

by cortex

Guilty on all counts
Twenty days after this post on the Derek Chauvin murder trial, he's been found guilty on all three counts. New post on the verdict here.

by cortex

Podcast #171: Was I Weird
No foolin' [listens to ear mic] oh that was five days ago? anyway it's episode 171 of the MetaFilter Monthly Podcast with cortex and jessamyn.

by cortex

We're Getting The Band Back Together!

StringsStrings by eleonoralbasi (cc by-sa)

Greenish is raising the flag for Mefi Music fans, old and new, in Metatalk.

by taz

170: Through A Paper Towel Tube Darkly
It's episode 170 of the MetaFilter monthly podcast, with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

Podcast #169: Soon May The Podcast Come
It's episode 169 of the MeFi monthly podcast with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

167: The Gang Records A Podcast
Hey, it's episode 167 of the MetaFilter podcast, with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

Are we half way in, or half way out?

Light At The Start Of The TunnelLight At The Start Of The Tunnel by ARG_Flickr (cc by)

We're in the middle of September fundraising for Mefi, and cortex is still half-hippy, so vote with your $ because those scissors are not going to pay for themselves! Jessamyn is making sponsored posts every day this month (acquire your very own excellent certified Jess post right here), plus we're auctioning precious Mefi Blue chatfilter posts (#1, #2; see the current slate of chatfilter topics suggested, vote, and add your own topic ideas to the main thread), and we're still dreaming, so make any post on the blue about dreams or dreaming and tag it #dreamweek to add to the fun.

by taz

166: The MetaFilter Monthly-ish Podcast
Jessamyn and cortex are back with episode 166 of the MetaFilter podcast

by cortex

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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