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Reading the Fine PrintReading the Fine Print by CaptPiper (cc by-nc)

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Good Answer!

by taz

The best defense is ...

It's like the only one of my stupid schemes that I rolled a 20 on. outgrown_hobnail shares their secret for a surefire thesis defense strategy.

by taz

43 minutes of tremendous cringe

a giant ... dog? bear? wearing a necklace with a big letter Y on it around its neck and what looks like a dog house on his head swats or attacks a small, caped superhero type person with its humongous tongue. No, I have no idea. None at all.screen capture from video

JHarris posts The Hole of Cartoon Badness, The Best of the Worst Cartoons Ever, with many illuminating notations!

by taz

"what the whole-ass fuck"

Food courtFood court by ewen and donabel (cc by)

taquito sunrise has an hilarious reminiscence of tween angst in "The Soul of the American Teen Can Be Found Next to the Sbarro" post about today’s mall teens.

by taz

Every day is caturday

A giant tabby cat sits on and towers over the deck of the USAV Essayons, a hopper dredge ship of the United States Army Corps of EngineersCredit: US Army Corps of Engineers/Public Domain

You are the Army Corps of Engineers. You design a cat calendar.

by taz

Best dam 3 minutes on Youtube so far this year

In vain have I struggled

Book cover of Pride and Prejudice showing a handsome dark haired man in his shirtsleeves holding a terrified woman wearing what appears to be an opera cape and a nondescript, but definitely not Edwardian, plain shirtwaist style dress. While he stares hungrily at her chest, the woman looks out to her left at whatever ghastly thing she seems to see approaching. There is what looks to be a haunted gothic gazebo in the background.Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennet are apparently not on the same page

Mefites discuss the worst Jane Austen covers ever.

by taz

Going for the gold
you can almost smell the excitement in the room ... the Mom Olympics Diaper-Changing event as visualized by Well I never.

by taz

delightful or disorienting

diagram of lobster with funny Franglais notes on various partsChiac guide to eating an Acadian lobster from the site

Shepherd with a fabuleux sélection of divers flavors of Chiac tunes.

by taz

The reviews are in!

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

screen shot of tiny toad jumping

Itsy frog will make you feel positively competent: moonmilk offers a post that asks Why Is This Tiny Frog So Awful At Jumping?, an interesting discussion ensues, and the primroses were over observes, who among us has not been so bad at something that our sheer incompetence has become a matter of scientific inquiry? Excellent point.

by taz

Infernal Engines

1-20-2007 1-39-51 PM_00671-20-2007 1-39-51 PM_0067 by Clemson (cc by)

Vehicles what require "the knowing" to operate: Lots of great stories (and wisecracks) in nicwolff's post A few things to know before stealing my 914, including why sardonyx cannot buy a Miata, uncleozzy's friend's Car of Theseus, OHenryPacey's friend and the four seasons of the 914, and more! Vroooom! 🏎

by taz

Twittery titters

comic by Sarah Lesson, via chaospet

In Ask Metafilter, Your favorite funny Twitter accounts?

by taz

"You got your AI in my MS Paint!"

MS Paint drawing of a dinosaur on an elephant holding a no parking signby mefi's own elgilito, currently at #10 for Dinosaur Parked on Elephant

It's Mefites vs the AI in not on display's posting of, a game in which participants must convince an artificial intelligence that they are the best artist.

by taz

Shell Shock

YarrrYarrr by Eric Kilby (cc by-sa)

Would lions eat clams?

by taz

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