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"That's a Moiré"

a square of an abstract pattern in blue on white

"The real collection of patterns is the physical collection. Envelopes are individually sleeved and kept safe in 3-ring Binders. This web page, the digital images of the patterns, are put in place so other people can enjoy these wonderful patterns": cardioid has posted's amazing collection of over 500 security envelope patterns — designs printed on the inside of envelopes to obscure the contents of snail mail.

by taz

The tiny Paris pastel shop that changed art history

At an angle, a wooden box of 48 pastel half-sticks in two trays of four rows, with top ranging from puce to red to yellow to white, and the bottom tray ranging from lilac to teal to green to grey to black. The sticks are noticeably handmade and each stamped ROC. Part of the box's wooden lid can be seen to the right, with fanciful dragon crest and PARIS emblazoned on it.

"The Maison du Pastel shop, off rue Rambuteau, opens only on Thursday afternoons. In this small window of time, Isabelle and Margaret serve their customers like they are selling elixirs for the soul."

... If you missed it, this post on La Maison du Pastel, the Parisian shop selling handmade pastels since the18th century, is -- like their wares -- just lovely.

by taz

Hugs and Bears

colorful collage of posters with positive messages drawn and written by young students

Yesterday I spent 5 hours working in the cold garage, encountering much mouse poop, and finally 5 fat mice ... And that's how I came to make my very first MetaFilter post! — dorey_oh in her post thread on the Peptoc Hotline, offering pep-talks by kindergarteners.

by taz

"living the dream"

photo of Lizzo playing crystal flute in a casual setting with staff at Library of Congressphoto via

adamsc links to a super secret stash of cunningly hidden Library of Congress cultural treasure in the Lizzo LOC thread

by taz

"You can't make this shit up"

FrameFrame by seyed mostafa zamani (cc by)

RichardP posted Inside the Mind-Boggling World of the Antiquities Theft Task Force

by taz

Dreaming of Electric Sheep

Apocalyptic giant flying bioluminescent jellyfish destroying a city, digital art

Rhaomi entertained the Saturday night crowd in Metatalk by fulfilling requests for art by OpenAI's DALL-E 2

by taz

More for "Analogue Wednesday"

brightly colored photo of flower with abstract backgroundPhoto by Wendy Laurel at Lomography Magazine

Film soup is an experimental analog photography technique where you soak a roll of film in different liquids to add fun, crazy colors and effects: oulipian's post Recipes for Rainbows from last month.

by taz

indistinguishable from magic

close up drawing of a robot hand drawing a robot handA robot draws itself, by OpenAI's DALL·E 2

Please do not miss Rhaomi's Opus DALL·E 2 on "the extraordinary new AI that creates anything you can imagine in a matter of seconds," including examples, explainers, demos, other projects and breakthroughs, fun stuff, deep fakes and more from the new age of synthetic media that will "hit you like a digital blitzkrieg."

by taz


cake housecake house by masha_k_sh (cc by-nc-nd)

Oh, look, the new Mefi newsletter has a name! And a second edition! Whee! 📰

Also, the latest Metatalktail Hour asks members to tell the least plausible story about yourself, and it's so, so great. 🕴🏼

Also, also, don't forget, it's the second theme week of August fundraising month, and this time around, we want to see some sweet, sweet art (any interesting art find that you like, in any medium). Search tags for "sweetart" to see what people are posting, and/or tag your art-themed post with "sweetart." 🍭

by taz

Sweet Art, I really love you!

Yale Art Gallery - HeartYale Art Gallery - Heart by m01229 (cc by)

Weird Science theme week has ended (see all the excellent weird science posts here!), and for the second theme of our August fundraising month, Sweet Art week has begun! Please help us make a spectacle of ourselves by posting all your favorite arty sites, works, and stories. 💖

by taz

Plate of Beans in the Style of HR Giger

AI illustrated art that looks a lot like pile of black beansocschwar's A monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors

This stuff is crazy, it's like someone found a alien spaceship in the desert and hooked the warp engine to its own tailpipe to answer questions about the universe. RobotVoodooPower

Cash4Lead has posted Alien Dreams: An Emerging Art Scene about AI generated art based on text prompts, and mefites have been dipping a toe in.

by taz

100 x 3-second 3D Renders

person in heavy golden diving suit with apparatus strapped on back walks underwater toward a large glowing sphere habitatscreenshot from "Top 100 3D Renders from the Internet's Largest CG Challenge, Alternate Realities"

Animated fabulosity from jontyjago: "Based on the same 3 second model, 2400 CGI artists submitted their own interpretation. These are the 100 best."

by taz

"You got your AI in my MS Paint!"

MS Paint drawing of a dinosaur on an elephant holding a no parking signby mefi's own elgilito, currently at #10 for Dinosaur Parked on Elephant

It's Mefites vs the AI in not on display's posting of, a game in which participants must convince an artificial intelligence that they are the best artist.

by taz

✨Shiny Shiny✨

bright and colorful Louis Renard illustrations of fishLouis Renard fish illustrations

The Go-Go's: "a kinetic effervescence, with a pulse that shimmered and spangled"; Glorious psychedelic fish illustrations, many of actual fish; Remember those brights spots on the Dwarf Planet Ceres?; All of James Sowerby’s mineralogy compendium illustrations arranged by color; DIY hologram chocolate?; Resurrecting the art of China's dragon scale bookbinding

by taz

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