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Best dam 3 minutes on Youtube so far this year

Turkey Day in the MST Club room!

"It is Thanksgiving Day, and as is our wanton wont, we are watching the official 2022 Turkey Day marathon (via their YouTube stream) of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in the MST Club room all day long!"

by taz

Cracking the gift code

photo of a baby Loch Ness monster tea infuser in a cup and another showing the loose tea in the bottom part of the body

In ask Metafilter, a question about great office gifts: people really love a useful household item that is much, much more adorable than the version of that item they already own ... How should I dominate the game this year?

by taz

so then I thought to myself ...

photo of of orange liquid in martini glass with a spear of olives and cheese and two boxes of velveeta in the background

tiny frying pan is looking for more people having terrible ideas, following through.

by taz

*pssst*, hey, buddy ...
Did you know that every Saturday we have MetaTalktail Hour in Metatalk? Most people don't know that.

by taz

Dreaming of Electric Sheep

Apocalyptic giant flying bioluminescent jellyfish destroying a city, digital art

Rhaomi entertained the Saturday night crowd in Metatalk by fulfilling requests for art by OpenAI's DALL-E 2

by taz


screen shot of Newton pendulum from the video

What if choreography, but it's a Newton pendulum? Newton's cradle, Gangnam style is pretty much perfect.

by taz

Four years of Mefi Card Club!

PostcardsPostcards by Matt Perich (cc by)

In Metatalk: "Mefi Card Club was started as an ongoing card swap in March of 2018, and is still going strong today — that is over four years!"

by taz

More fun than a blank of blanks!

BlankBlank by Crystl (cc by)

How many Wordle-likes can folkle regurgitadle? A myriadle? Innumeradle? Multitudindle? Incalculadle? The latest to hit Metafilter is Redactle, a blank blank blank where the blank blank to blank the blank of a blank blank blank blank. I hope you find it enjoydle!

by taz

Did you know there is a Mefi Card Club for exchanges year-round? If you love sending and receiving cool paper mail, check it out! 💌


"all killer, no filler"

colorful psychedelic style collage art of a woman's face with large round sunglassesdetail from cover art from the book Electrical Banana: Masters of Psychedelic Art

Slinga has posted the perfectly wonderful 45 minutes of Funky Old Japanese Soundtracks to chill out to, and we love it.

by taz

Theme Week

Title art from the 1985 film Weird Science

📈🚀🔬👩🏽‍🔬👀⁉️ We're having theme weeks as part of our fundraising month, and the theme for this week is WEIRD SCIENCE! Also currently in Metatalk, Show Us Your View!

by taz

eye spy

OjoOjo by Cebolledo (cc by)

When I hear a chipmunk chucking I look for the nearby raptor: Lots of lovely, fascinating, relatable, inspiring, unusual, surprising, curious, strange, and amusing insights in this Metatalktail Hour post wherein wittgenstein asks "What do you pay attention to/notice as you wander through the world that I probably ignore?"

by taz

Get yer sinuous rills while they're hot!

watercolor landscape art of the pleasure dome of Kubla KhanThe Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan by Ebenezer Wake Cook

Stately pleasure domes now being decreed and/or erected ➡ This Way.

by taz

Give me your glabrous, your rugose, your shambling masses ...

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty by Stina Stockholm (cc by-nc-nd)

Halloween Jack on the Statue, amid many other unsettling thread remarks (brrrr!) in signsofrain's post reminiscing about how we worshipped the husk.

Enjoy! Or dip in as a palate cleanser between y2karl's Gorgo 2049 video post (SCP alert!) and GenjiandProust's “I Wear No Mask” and Other Horrors newest weird audio dramas post.

by taz

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