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"laid out with merciless iron-clad logic"

Black and white photo of the cast of Succession facing the camera and posing against a white background

The dread was this mix of "No fucking way, it makes no fucking sense, it couldn't be ... it couldn't," and this deeper recognition that, on some level, it had to be. Tom Hanks Cannot Be Trusted takes a deep dive on the "Succession" finale in Fanfare.

by taz

Cool Stuff

IRL, mochapickle and danabanana have organized an online meet for "The Artist's Way" (Julia Cameron's classic creativity program to help with artistic work of all kinds) starting Sunday, May 7, so check in to learn more! And over in Fanfare, DirtyOldTown has posted Trailer Park: May 2023, a collection of fresh trailers for upcoming movies. (See April Trailer Park collection here)

by taz

Happening Now! FanFare Film Theme Days 🎞 🍿

MarqueeMarquee by judithjackson957 (cc by)

DirtyOldTown is creating member-sponsored themed days of films on FanFare for site fundraising. Currently on the marquis is katie's request for six films that pass the Bechdel Test. DirtyOldTown has posted one from each of the last six decades, stretching back 50 years.


elkevelvet's sponsored theme day of six Dutch movies

roolya_boolya's sponsored theme day of Arctic Life films

(If you'd like to sponsor a themed posts day, donate $20 to MeFi's fundraising drive and MeMail DirtyOldTown to discuss)

by taz

The dream is real

monochrome gray Inception promo banner image of office buildings from above spelling out the word INCEPTION

DirtyOldTown has posted Inception on Fanfare, and for some reason, I just have the idea that this might be some of DOT's finest work.

by taz

the Final Architecture

alien planet detail of artwork from Shards of Earth cover art

"For they now possess something of incalculable value, and many would kill to obtain it." In Fanfare, some members are discussing the novel, Shards of Earth, the first of a new series by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

by taz


Eurovision on FanFare
Watching Eurovision and want to chat about it? Here's a thread on FanFare!

by cortex

dressed to kill time

If that is 'Provia' I'm afraid to try 'Velvia'If that is 'Provia' I'm afraid to try 'Velvia' by Voxphoto (cc by-nc-nd)

Pajamas, pyjamas, shorts, jorts, leggings, jeggings, capris, tees, scrubs and sweats ... forever? Mefites are discussing the unravelling of the US fashion industry.

Meanwhile, in Fanfare, people are talking about The Umbrella Academy second season, the first episode of Star Trek, Lower Decks, Tamsyn Muir's book, Harrow the Ninth, the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter, and the "You're Wrong About" podcast Disco Demolition Night, among other things.

by taz

The Very Model of a Modern Major Baker

I'm putting money on Major Clanger to reach the finals roger ackroyd

In FanFare, Major Clanger has been making recipes from this season of GBBO, check it out: Cake Week; Biscuit Week; Bread Week; Dairy Week.

by taz

Hugos There?

hugo awardshugo awards by trendingtopics (cc by)

Booklovers can now keep up with discussion of current Hugo nominated books and stories in Fanfare via the Hugo Awards 2019 Club

by taz

NCAA basketball tournament time

Superbowl on Fanfare

If you're watching the Superbowl, c'mon over to Fanfare!

World Series 2018 on Fanfare

Baseball fans come on along - Dodgers vs Red Sox, the MLB World Series chat and watch is happening on Fanfare.

Fall ball

Baseball! The heroes, the villains, the extra inning games. Come to Fanfare for all your baseball playoff discussion needs: first the division series, then the NLCS and ALCS (Brewers/Dodgers and Astros/Red Sox).

World Cup Final

Join today's livewatch and discussion in Fanfare for the World Cup Final!

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