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Advent Gifties

christmas project #3 : advent boxeschristmas project #3 : advent boxes by ali edwards (cc by)

dorothyisunderwood has proposed #Advent2022 posting for December: "I'm committing to post an FPP every day from Dec 1 to Dec 24 for Metafilter - seeing more activity and diversity on the blue is a direct action to boost Metafilter for our current and future users. Please join in and tag away with #Advent2022!" Here's the tag.

by taz

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Happening Now! FanFare Film Theme Days 🎞 🍿

MarqueeMarquee by judithjackson957 (cc by)

DirtyOldTown is creating member-sponsored themed days of films on FanFare for site fundraising. Currently on the marquis is katie's request for six films that pass the Bechdel Test. DirtyOldTown has posted one from each of the last six decades, stretching back 50 years.


elkevelvet's sponsored theme day of six Dutch movies

roolya_boolya's sponsored theme day of Arctic Life films

(If you'd like to sponsor a themed posts day, donate $20 to MeFi's fundraising drive and MeMail DirtyOldTown to discuss)

by taz


Halloween_sweetsHalloween_sweets by burgerking1975 (cc by)

🎃Treats for you, and you, and you ... Metafilter Halloween-related posts, 2022

by taz

MeFi Posts for "Sale": "We're all pitching in for Fundraising Month. Ever wanted to see a post on a topic, but didn't want to write it yourself for whatever reason? Let us do it for you."


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I asked in vain!

he's a low key kidhe's a low key kid by woodleywonderworks (cc by)

I still don't know what was behind that scary glowing door. In Metatalk, The corpse in the library asks What AskMe of yours are you still curious about? What was never resolved?

by taz

19th Century What-ho!

booksbooks by Kurt:S (cc by)

omg, it's hidden treasure! Wobbuffet's FPPs I never posted (March edition) in the flipping free thread. (And don't miss the ones that were posted!)

by taz

Sweet Art, I really love you!

Yale Art Gallery - HeartYale Art Gallery - Heart by m01229 (cc by)

Weird Science theme week has ended (see all the excellent weird science posts here!), and for the second theme of our August fundraising month, Sweet Art week has begun! Please help us make a spectacle of ourselves by posting all your favorite arty sites, works, and stories. 💖

by taz

Theme Week

Title art from the 1985 film Weird Science

📈🚀🔬👩🏽‍🔬👀⁉️ We're having theme weeks as part of our fundraising month, and the theme for this week is WEIRD SCIENCE! Also currently in Metatalk, Show Us Your View!

by taz

Jessamyn Posts for U

Across and Down

Project 365 #90: 310319 Fuzzy LogicProject 365 #90: 310319 Fuzzy Logic by comedy_nose (cc by)

crosswords ↔️ cross words
typewriters ↔️ writer types
mail order ↔️ male order?
catalog ↔️ log a cat
flash fiction ↔️ fash friction

(ps: witness kurumi's cunning coup of cruciverbalist craft!)

by taz

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MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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