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True Colors

ColorsColors by estevan_poll (cc by)

Lots of interesting answers to Charity Garfein's question, "Do you know any cool facts about colors?"!

by taz

"less like Reddit *haha*"

reddit character logo face with question mark as nose

In Ask Metafilter: I've allowed my Reddit feed to become filled with negative stuff ... Can you recommend quality subreddits full of positive vibes and/or longreads and/or interesting links and videos?

by taz

Across and Down

Project 365 #90: 310319 Fuzzy LogicProject 365 #90: 310319 Fuzzy Logic by comedy_nose (cc by)

crosswords ↔️ cross words
typewriters ↔️ writer types
mail order ↔️ male order?
catalog ↔️ log a cat
flash fiction ↔️ fash friction

(ps: witness kurumi's cunning coup of cruciverbalist craft!)

by taz

✨Shiny Shiny✨

bright and colorful Louis Renard illustrations of fishLouis Renard fish illustrations

The Go-Go's: "a kinetic effervescence, with a pulse that shimmered and spangled"; Glorious psychedelic fish illustrations, many of actual fish; Remember those brights spots on the Dwarf Planet Ceres?; All of James Sowerby’s mineralogy compendium illustrations arranged by color; DIY hologram chocolate?; Resurrecting the art of China's dragon scale bookbinding

by taz

Feeling Peckish?

empty plateempty plate by stockcatalog (cc by)

Peanut Sauce and pancakes, tea and sandwiches, green soup and glow honey, hamlets and mullets, pickles and cheese.

by taz

Come and get it

screenshot from Redbone's Come and Get Your Love videoRedbone, Come and Get Your Love

Hail Hail, what's the matter with your head, yeah
Hail Hail, what's the matter with your mind
And your sign an-a, oh-oh-oh
Hail Hail, nothin' the matter with your head
Baby find it, come on and find it
Hail with it, baby, 'cause you're fine
And you're mine, and you look so divine ...

Come and get your love

by taz

Isolation Time Travel

Push to travelPush to travel by whatleydude (cc by)

Peter Brathwaite recreates historic Black portraiture at home; 2020: A sheltering in place Space Odyssey; hopping back in time to Chrono Trigger; posting Cats of travels past; Star Trek, The New Regeneration: integrating the outtakes; revisiting the prescient Hollow Man; back to the future with the first science fiction story, second century AD.

by taz

Quick Click Picks

A little something something

"The use of the word hot to refer to something sexually arousing also dates back to the 1500s"

ManuscriptManuscript by Muffet (cc by)

An amazing thread on Ask MetaFilter has a simple premise: What are some current-sounding phrases that go back further than you would think--used the way we use them today? The thread is filled with gems like this jawdropper:

"Newfangled" appears in Chaucer's works, circa 1390

by mathowie

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