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"That's a Moiré"

a square of an abstract pattern in blue on white

"The real collection of patterns is the physical collection. Envelopes are individually sleeved and kept safe in 3-ring Binders. This web page, the digital images of the patterns, are put in place so other people can enjoy these wonderful patterns": cardioid has posted's amazing collection of over 500 security envelope patterns — designs printed on the inside of envelopes to obscure the contents of snail mail.

by taz


Halloween_sweetsHalloween_sweets by burgerking1975 (cc by)

🎃Treats for you, and you, and you ... Metafilter Halloween-related posts, 2022

by taz

Ear Worms?

Anthropomorphic RootsAnthropomorphic Roots by delgaudm (cc by)

oooooh! GenjiandProust offers a collection of weird fiction anthology podcasts, complete with description (including content warning info, where known), average running times, tone, existence (or not) of significant LGBTQ characters and elements, plus the number of stories or episodes, with direct links for each anthology (where possible). Nice!

by taz

Grass roots LGBT history: a thread

pin imageOne of the dozens of pins now available for viewing at Paud's Pins

This is a thread about what my friend found in her attic...

Fascinating post from MartinWisse about the discovery, sorting, and disposition of a treasure trove of pamphlets, copies of Gay Comix and other LGBT literature, as well as several dozen buttons for various political and lgbt campaigns from a crucial period for the LGBTQI+ movement.

by taz

Green Book Connection

The Green BookThe Green Book

We're working on some neat ideas for a project around these materials -- not quite ready for me to link to, but if anyone wants access to the OCR data of the page images, or anything like that, just let me know!

Cool! NYPL Labs' Josh Hadro (who also happens to be Mefi's own Hadroed) shows up in the thread for MonkeyToes' great post about the now digitized "Green Book" travel guide that provided black motorists with peace of mind while they drove through a country where racial segregation was the norm.

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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