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Make it Sew

on top of taupe colored fabric, a white and red measuring tape, white spool of thread, bobbin with white thread, and a pair of scissorsDetail of photo by pina messina on Unsplash

Sunflower88 asks for resources for learning to sew and make clothes from scratch for a complete novice.

by taz

Modular homes, kit homes, and DIY homes

Modern Wooden HouseModern Wooden House (cc by)

A nice roundup from rebent: "Rural Studio is a post-grad program that researches affordable design principles. a handywoman in northern Michigan vlogs herself building a modular house (ongoing). A designer researches sustainable homes and decides to build a net zero home. Bungalow In A Box is a family operation that builds timber frame + SIP small houses, with lots of pictures of the build and install."

by taz


homemadehomemade by Horosho.Gromko. (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter: So I made homemade bread. It was awesome. I’m making homemade Castile soap this weekend. Very excited. What other stuff should I be making at home? What are the best things to make at home?

by taz

"I'm a big 'one step at a time' person"

renovationsrenovations by in pastel (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter: DIY home reno project got you a li'l confused? dg takes a deep dive on the proper steps, in the proper order, with the proper prep to successfully un-yuck your habitat.

by taz

"Socialism’s DIY Computer"

The Emperor's New Bedclothes

found floralfound floral by spDuchamp (cc by)

In 2012 or 2013, I stumbled across the Wikipedia page for Bed Sizes and discovered that the UK had two sizes larger than America's King or California King: The Emperor (7'x7') and The Caesar (8'x7')...

At this point, I decided the only thing that made sense was to build my own mattress from scratch.

by taz

Weekend chillout reading: collections, DIY builds, classic tv logos, and rhyming synonyms

The last one...The last one... by isfullofcrap (cc by)

ben30's kid wants to know, are there any synonyms that rhyme?

Chrysostom's post about classic physical special-effects in TV logos drew a bunch of other fun examples in the comments.

Do you know what a billhook is? Well, jedicus found one guy with a huge encyclopedic website about 'em -- and in the comments, zamboni gave an amazing list of "one person's highly-specific passion" websites.

While we're at it, how about pjern's thread of unbelievable garden sheds. And did you catch mrbill's thread a while ago about the amazing garage renovation detailed in a novel-length forum thread?

Thella asks, what do I do with this really weird banister situation in my apartment?

Of Beetles and Bats

My VW Rabbit's 10 year birthday - by the date on the sticker. 168131 miles.My VW Rabbit's 10 year birthday - by the date on the sticker. 168131 miles. by wbaiv (cc by-sa)

Mefites share their old Volkswagen stories, and animal-stuck-in-house stories

Spa Me!

Sole SearchingSole Searching by ladyb (cc by-nd)

Great suggestions from barchan in response to "Help a girl on a budget have a spa day in the privacy of her own home," including links to DIY pampering concoctions.

by taz

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