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"easy to get to but not worth arriving at"

Overhead view of an outdoor parking lot filled with carsPhoto by Lucas Hobbs on Unsplash

gentlyepigrams posted Parking Lot Map: "This map shows you how much of the downtown land of 50 major US cities is taken up by parking lots," and Parking Reform Network president Tony Jordan (twjordan on Mefi) comments to explain why "In a not insignificant way, MetaFilter is responsible for these maps!"

by taz

About those tidings ...

Three colorful homemade signs on wooden stakes driven into the ground, on each sign a different letter J-O-Y, each in a different stylePhoto by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

limoncello asks, How do I plan a joyful 2023?

by taz

"I'm a big 'one step at a time' person"

renovationsrenovations by in pastel (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter: DIY home reno project got you a li'l confused? dg takes a deep dive on the proper steps, in the proper order, with the proper prep to successfully un-yuck your habitat.

by taz

"It's a no-brainer"

Losing the Long Game

Cold Dawn, Warm WorldCold Dawn, Warm World by marktmcn (cc by)

For millennia, people of all different cultures have done things with unintended consequences that changed and sometimes ruined their environment, from over-hunting megafauna in the Americas to salination of ancient Sumerian irrigated fields to deforestation which led to disasters in 19th century northern China ... jb on the the climate crisis, with an historical view of human perception and the externalities leading to disastrous outcomes

by taz

MeFi Holiday Card Exchange Planning currently happening in Metatalk, as well as discussing the idea of a CD micro SD Swap, and the possibility of a MeFi Visual Arts Club.


Gender and the City

...sometimesnowhere.....sometimesnowhere.. by *ines_maria

Take a moment to look around you. Really look. See the city — the streets, the buildings, the spaces between them — and realize for a moment that virtually everything you see has been designed and shaped by men. Now imagine what it would be like if it were women-led. — Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman

supercrayon's Cities of ladies post is a stunning collection of great links about women-built cities, gender, women and urbanism / city planning.

by taz

Treat Yo (future) Self

i love you <3i love you <3 by vivek jena (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, heavenknows asks for "ideas that are little things you can do or plan ahead for to make life a lot better later": Help me be kind to my future self!

by taz

M-F Meals Master List?

Want to play?Want to play? by Mi Mitrika (cc by-nc-nd)

What do you have for dinner that you make yourself in a relatively short amount of time and/or with relatively little effort? Help us figure out a variety of dinners to put on a meal-planning list!

Mrs. Pterodactyl is looking for a master list of recipes for convenient weeknight dinners (seafood and finny friends need not apply!)

by taz

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