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clutter montage 001clutter montage 001 by roberthuffstutter (cc by)

Welcome to cluttercore. People have opinions! In fact, every nook and cranny of this thread on TikTok's newest design trend is filled with different, fun, colorful opinions!

And in other news on filling things to the brim, Remittance by the Barrel is an interesting read about Caribbean communities carefully, lovingly curating barrels of items to ship to relatives outside of the U.S. Nice!

by taz

Weekend chillout reading: collections, DIY builds, classic tv logos, and rhyming synonyms

The last one...The last one... by isfullofcrap (cc by)

ben30's kid wants to know, are there any synonyms that rhyme?

Chrysostom's post about classic physical special-effects in TV logos drew a bunch of other fun examples in the comments.

Do you know what a billhook is? Well, jedicus found one guy with a huge encyclopedic website about 'em -- and in the comments, zamboni gave an amazing list of "one person's highly-specific passion" websites.

While we're at it, how about pjern's thread of unbelievable garden sheds. And did you catch mrbill's thread a while ago about the amazing garage renovation detailed in a novel-length forum thread?

Thella asks, what do I do with this really weird banister situation in my apartment?

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