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"Waves of Fuzz"

album cover by the band Wednesday showing a collage of a photo of a girl with handwriting in the background, gold and silver decorations, miniature pink feather boa, pink and yellow highlighting, and WHERE IS MY FRIEND written along one sideBy Wednesday -

The New Wave Of American Shoegaze - "While there're so many revelatory new sounds coming out of Philly, the reason we're on the crest of a New Wave of American Shoegaze, not just one city's worth of cool shit, is that there are several other distinct styles coming to fruition in tandem. One of them is country-gaze ..."

by taz

A Place for Everything

clutter montage 001clutter montage 001 by roberthuffstutter (cc by)

Welcome to cluttercore. People have opinions! In fact, every nook and cranny of this thread on TikTok's newest design trend is filled with different, fun, colorful opinions!

And in other news on filling things to the brim, Remittance by the Barrel is an interesting read about Caribbean communities carefully, lovingly curating barrels of items to ship to relatives outside of the U.S. Nice!

by taz

"Unpacking the Nap Dress"

photo of three nap dresses from Hill House

orange swan: I'm a hard sell on the simpler, pastoral/country life "you can wear this to frolic in meadows" fantasy that is used to market it. Pro-tip: if you should go frolicking in a pasture in such a dress, be sure to watch out for the groundhog holes. And the thistles. And the cowpies. Mefites discuss the Nap Dress.

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

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