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"Researchers recognized the language"

cubby posted The Language You Cry In, "an amazing scholarly detective story that searches for —and finds— meaningful links between African Americans and their ancestral past. It bridges hundreds of years and thousands of miles from the Gullah people of present-day Georgia back to 18th century Sierra Leone."

by taz

Or as his real fans call him, "Dave"

against a black background, a head and shoulders sepia-tone photo of Dave Matthews in a long-sleeved t-shirt holding a white coffee mug and looking into the camera with a serious expression

Dave Matthews: You may have opinions. You may have *strong* opinions. You may have prejudices or fond memories. But only Floydd has the Dave Matthews Toe.

by taz

"he agrees with me for all the right reasons"

Confessions of a Disco FreakConfessions of a Disco Freak by kumar303 (cc by-sa)

Often-Interesting Reviews of 2,600+ singles and album tracks by some guy, a tasty reminder of old-school obsessive bloggy goodness, posted by OneGearIsEnough

by taz


Explosion!Explosion! by Rickydavid (cc by-nc-nd)

"I saw Moby naked! And I didn't like it at all!" — loquacious. Hey, mefites are discussing the Rolling Stones "When Rock Stars Screw Up" article!🤘🏼

by taz

"When The 80s Got All Proggy"

Genesis - Live in London - 25th March 2022 - The Final Domino tourGenesis - Live in London - 25th March 2022 - The Final Domino tour by kitmasterbloke (cc by)

Hippybear posted Weighty In The Eighties: When Prog Went Pop by Jim Allen for uDiscover, with all the mentioned songs/videos linked in the post.

by taz

Twice in a Lifetime

Promo photo: against a dark background, partial head and torso of David Byrne in the big suit on the left, and on the right, in red, the word Release in a box, and larger text Stop Making Sense, stacked

"a newly remastered version of my original post from 2011": kirkaracha's super juicy post on the newly remastered Stop Making Sense, 2023 now in our beautiful house.

by taz

Do you ever think of me?

"Fred Neil really did go searching for the dolphins in the sea": Don't miss vverse23's Searching for the dolphins in the sea, a lovely tribute to mysterious folk singer-songwriter Neil, his mission, his haunting, soulful song, and the artists who covered it.

by taz

Your chord is the fulcrum of a very extended musical pun

"it's something like an O Henry story, where the revelation in the last line makes you totally reconsider everything that happened in the story - every relationship, and everything you thought you knew on first reading, you have to put in a new light now ..." flug gives an amazing, detailed answer to cubeb's question, "How did Bach make this one jazzy chord fit into a Baroque chord progression?"

by taz

Jazz Giant Dexter Gordon

Black and white photo of Dexter Gordon sitting on stage as he exhales a plume of smoke during a break, 1948. He is wearing a stylish light colored suit, white shirt and pork pie hat. His saxophone is on his knee, and his left hand, holding a cigarette, rests against the instrument.Iconic photo of Gordon by famed jazz photographer Herman Leonard

Dexter Gordon was born 100 years ago today: oulipian posts in appreciation of the 6′6″ jazz saxophonist, band leader, and Academy Award winner popularly known as "Long Tall Dexter" and the "Sophisticated Giant".

by taz

"Party Peasants in the House Tonight"

Fire dancingFire dancing by Scrap Pile (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter: "It's one or three or ten centuries ago. Somebody's ancestors gather around a fire and pretty soon, spontaneous music breaks out, a few people start dancing, everybody winds up happy and breathless. But what I need to know is, if the songs aren't from the US, Canada, the UK or Ireland, or from Western Europe, what does the music sound like? I'm making a YouTube Music playlist to write a fun cozy fantasy novel to and I need help finding instrumental music from different traditions."

Wintersweet asks about antique party tunes outside the Anglosphere / Western Europe.

by taz

11th Century Boy

Screenshot from video of Richard Thompson performing on stage with acoustic guitar

gingerbeer points out Richard Thompson's "1000 Years of Popular Music" in this week's free thread. "Playboy asked a select group of musicians to choose their ten favorite songs of the past millennium. Richard Thompson, believing what Playboy REALLY wanted were only songs from the last 20 years, took them literally. He gave Playboy EXACTLY what they asked for. He chose the best songs of the last 1000 years. Thompson never heard from them again."

by taz

Harmonica and minds: Completely Blown

A man with shoulder-length blonde hair and black sleeveless t-shirt in studio setting playing harmonica with intense concentrationWill Wilde video screen cap

A truly astonishing Free Bird harmonica solo, plus interesting insight and context from msbrauer.

by taz

"Waves of Fuzz"

album cover by the band Wednesday showing a collage of a photo of a girl with handwriting in the background, gold and silver decorations, miniature pink feather boa, pink and yellow highlighting, and WHERE IS MY FRIEND written along one sideBy Wednesday -

The New Wave Of American Shoegaze - "While there're so many revelatory new sounds coming out of Philly, the reason we're on the crest of a New Wave of American Shoegaze, not just one city's worth of cool shit, is that there are several other distinct styles coming to fruition in tandem. One of them is country-gaze ..."

by taz

Radio Time Travel

Radio on.Radio on. by Howdy, I'm HMK (cc by)

carrienation posted Bent by Nature, a podcast from LA's KCRW about the legendary DJ Deirdre O'Donoghue and her influential radio show SNAP, with available live music archives from the show (1982-1991). As eschatfische notes in the comments, "not only are the Bent by Nature archives great, they're also a labor of love of Metafilter's own mykescipark."

by taz

"living the dream"

photo of Lizzo playing crystal flute in a casual setting with staff at Library of Congressphoto via

adamsc links to a super secret stash of cunningly hidden Library of Congress cultural treasure in the Lizzo LOC thread

by taz

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