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Jazz Giant Dexter Gordon

Black and white photo of Dexter Gordon sitting on stage as he exhales a plume of smoke during a break, 1948. He is wearing a stylish light colored suit, white shirt and pork pie hat. His saxophone is on his knee, and his left hand, holding a cigarette, rests against the instrument.Iconic photo of Gordon by famed jazz photographer Herman Leonard

Dexter Gordon was born 100 years ago today: oulipian posts in appreciation of the 6′6″ jazz saxophonist, band leader, and Academy Award winner popularly known as "Long Tall Dexter" and the "Sophisticated Giant".

by taz

Unruly Instruments

Dimension (1972) - Bertina Lopes (1924-2012)Dimension (1972) - Bertina Lopes (1924-2012) by pedrosimoes7 (cc by)

Dulcimer, Harp, Guitar. Extraordinary.

by taz

Courage, Dear Hearts!

courage dear heartcourage dear heart by distelfliege (cc by)

We've borrowed the quidnunc kid's kind message of love and sharing to all of us to wrap up some touching, interesting, inspiring, educational, fun and/or funny posts to take our minds off certain recent events:

Dear hearts, I should write to you all and each only to say: you are dear, precious, lovely and great hearts. But my words are all worthless, and your honest hearts are greater than my useless words. Persist, I beg you; if we cry together maybe fate will let us halve our tears. But better that you have relief, if the Earth did not make hearts for only weeping.

by taz

Music to my ears

100 Cassettes100 Cassettes by Marc Arsenault - Wow Cool (cc by-nd)

Some music posts lately huh?

Did you hear the newly-found clean recording of Louis Armstrong, 1929? Also check the comments for more clean recordings of stars from that era.

Get down with Indian disco and funk star Usha Uthup

A deep dive on the crazy-ass Japanese pop maestro Keiichi Suzuki of Moonriders; too much to sum up.

Up and coming Cuban jazz singer Daymé Arocena: her "vocal repertoire encompasses scatting, Afro-Cuban chanting, scratchy-throated whispers, and a deep, gusty laugh."

Backstage with Farida Khanum, the Pakistani elder stateswoman of classical ghazal poetry singing - "I don’t think she knew how popular she was with young people until I sat her down one day and placed a computer on her lap..."

Mark the passing of Papa Wemba, Congolese music legend - BlahLaLa remembers: "I picked up his music wherever I could find it, and it brought me such joy. When I came home I eagerly pushed those cassettes into friends' hands -- "You've got to listen to this!""

History of one-man bands

What are some pop songs that were big hits across Europe, but not in the US?

Where's the best classical and opera, streaming online? And while we're at it, how about some great eclectic radio, streaming online?

Recommendations! Intro to conscious hip-hop, or some new-ish soul-ish, or something dreamy, or "it'll be alright" comfort music, or turn up the upbeat mixes for working outdoors, or maybe dance music that always makes you happy.

"crime jazz"

Dave Brubeck Memories

Rest in Peace, DaveRest in Peace, Dave by Pen Waggener (cc by)

Upon the occasion of his passing, MetaFilter member jbickers never forgot the day he spent with Dave Brubeck.

by mathowie

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

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