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Like Nobody's Watching

Exclusive OR of timingExclusive OR of timing by shikeroku (cc by)

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, emote.

by taz

Courage, Dear Hearts!

courage dear heartcourage dear heart by distelfliege (cc by)

We've borrowed the quidnunc kid's kind message of love and sharing to all of us to wrap up some touching, interesting, inspiring, educational, fun and/or funny posts to take our minds off certain recent events:

Dear hearts, I should write to you all and each only to say: you are dear, precious, lovely and great hearts. But my words are all worthless, and your honest hearts are greater than my useless words. Persist, I beg you; if we cry together maybe fate will let us halve our tears. But better that you have relief, if the Earth did not make hearts for only weeping.

by taz

Mount Denial?

Denali on a clear dayDenali on a clear day by jwinfred (cc by-nc-nd)

Oh, wow, the backstory! If you like reading about byzantine political maneuvers and policy loopholes, you will definitely want to read the Wikipedia article on the naming dispute.

Great info from metaquarry and compartment on the decades-long "congressional name game" and "byzantine political maneuvers" designed to block the restoration of the Alaska Native name "Denali" to Mount McKinley in Fizz's post on the announced renaming.

tip o' the trapper hat to Devonian for the title :P

by taz


Support films made by and about people of color!

Jaguar has compiled a great linked list in the Run Time: 8 Seconds thread.

by taz

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