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Name Dropping

Leghorn SlidesLeghorn Slides by eileenmak (cc by)

Orange Dinosaur Slide proposes Post Your Name Month in Metatalk: post something cool related to your user name, and tag it "PostYourName"!

by taz

Of poets and liars

Lying LiarsLying Liars by katmeresin (cc by)

Next you're going to tell me it was actually only a couple of hundred yards to go before he slept? not_on_display

"the best example in all of American poetry of a wolf in sheep’s cloth" explains how everyone knows Robert Frost’s "The Road Not Taken" – and how almost everyone gets it wrong (though not everyone: "I wrote a whole commencement speech about this general idea")

Plus a post about Best American Poetry guest editor Sherman Alexie's response re a white male poet who appropriated a Chinese name for submission to the anthology

and in Ask Me, looking for the author who said (something like) "The poet lies ... most especially when writing about himself"

by taz

Mount Denial?

Denali on a clear dayDenali on a clear day by jwinfred (cc by-nc-nd)

Oh, wow, the backstory! If you like reading about byzantine political maneuvers and policy loopholes, you will definitely want to read the Wikipedia article on the naming dispute.

Great info from metaquarry and compartment on the decades-long "congressional name game" and "byzantine political maneuvers" designed to block the restoration of the Alaska Native name "Denali" to Mount McKinley in Fizz's post on the announced renaming.

tip o' the trapper hat to Devonian for the title :P

by taz

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