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Watching Together

watching togetherwatching together by KellyReeves (cc by-nd)

Servo5678 on watching Iron Man with his grandfather.

"crime jazz"

"Lois stops him, telling him that if he's better than human than he needs to start acting the part."

Lois LaneLois Lane image by JD Hancock

robocop is bleeding envisions a Lois Lane centered superhero movie.

They each try to patch things up with Lois, but she tells them each off, pretty much inspiring their methodologies ("You need to think about the little people, Bruce. How many more kids in Gotham became orphans while you were palling around with Luthor?" - "Read this issue of Spider-Man, Superman, and look closely at the Power/Responsibility line."). The dudes take her message to heart and try to act the parts they should. She keeps telling them "nice start, but you need to do X, Y, and Z. And also you two should try to play nice with each other. Go have a meal together and meet me back here in the hotel bar afterwards."

by jessamyn

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