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50s-style promo poster in black, white, aqua and red with an image of the band and a woman with a beehive hairdo. The text: STORY Of THE #1 INSTRUMENTAL ROCK AND ROLL GROUP OF ALL TIME  Stars on Guitars THE VENTURES

"If you think you aren't interested in or have no connection to this, you're probably mistaken": hippybear posted the 2020 documentary The Ventures: Stars On Guitars, the story of the most famous instrumental rock and roll band in the world.

by taz

Twice in a Lifetime

Promo photo: against a dark background, partial head and torso of David Byrne in the big suit on the left, and on the right, in red, the word Release in a box, and larger text Stop Making Sense, stacked

"a newly remastered version of my original post from 2011": kirkaracha's super juicy post on the newly remastered Stop Making Sense, 2023 now in our beautiful house.

by taz

No spoiled broth here

Screen shot of Japanese cook preparing meals in small open kitchen of small Japanese restaurant

Tiny Japanese restaurants in 4K. "... there's a whole channel of these wholesome, calming and hunger-inducing videos"

by taz

Behind the camera

Maria Frostic - Main Iceberg LagoonMaria Frostic - Main Iceberg Lagoon by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (cc by)

How fake is fake in nature documentaries? sciatrix on why scientists stage photos of their mice, and ChuraChura reveals that butterflies love pee.

What should I watch, from a huge archive of Russian films? gusottertrout recommends some movies: "One of the great pleasures of watching Soviet cinema is seeing the differences in attitude towards common film tropes."

The real work of fake tears - pseudostrabismus tells us what it takes to film a movie scene with two actors crying: "Frankly it's a wonder actors can cry at all."

Where do tv chyrons come from? Jahaza explains who decides which words appear on screen during news broadcasts.


Support films made by and about people of color!

Jaguar has compiled a great linked list in the Run Time: 8 Seconds thread.

by taz

Documentary recommendations

when.we.were.VHS-izedwhen.we.were.VHS-ized by Ludovico Sinz [Cane Rosso (busy!)] (cc by)

MeFites recommend some documentaries.

by gnfti

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