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"that'll put the fear of hippo into anyone"

Whipsnade-june-2005 - 27Whipsnade-june-2005 - 27 by Le Scribbler (cc by)

allkindsoftime talks about seeing hippos up close and personal in Africa in the "I was swallowed by a hippo" thread.

by taz

"In the dusty cabinet something lurks"

Chem lab IIIChem lab III by Jano De Cesare (cc by-nc-nd)

metaquarry posts Derek Lowe's column on abandoned "easter eggs" found in labs, that asks "what’s the strangest (or most terrifying) thing you’ve come across in cleaning out an unused chemical space?"

by taz

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this thread.

Danger de mortDanger de mort by zigazou76 (cc by)

Does anyone know any other examples to scratch this itch of mine with a plugged-in soldering iron?

J.K. Seazer is looking for extremely emphatic warnings that something is a really bad idea and you should never do it.

by taz

Well said!

Sentiment Analysis for C-of-the-ACMSentiment Analysis for C-of-the-ACM by tsevis (cc by-nc-nd)

Recent comments from Mefites that go behind the scenes or look a little deeper:

pinback on using Google Mobilizer as a proxy to render encrypted and obfuscated TV listings to create electronic program guides "back in the dark early days of digital television in Australia"

Eyebrows McGee on the complicated manipulations and confusion of special taxing districts

allkindsoftime on the hair-raising dangers and machinations of Nairobi's "matatu" minibus transit chaos

yankeefog on the concept of "convening an electoral college" as One Weird Trick for negotiating disputes or decisions in a healthy marriage

a fiendish thingy on resumes and job search etiquette, and why "creative" at this stage is more likely to read as "confusing" and "non-functional"

Frowner on the various considerations of navigating content/trigger warnings or disturbing material in an academic setting

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

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