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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Kitchen FYI

White Lake Farms raw natural honey @ SLC Farmers Market UtahWhite Lake Farms raw natural honey @ SLC Farmers Market Utah by FOODLANDER.COM (cc by)

I just found out you can ferment all kinds of fruits and vegetables in just honey! ... but how to find real raw honey?; What are rules of thumb for adding garnishes to pickles?; What are the spices in balandėliai (Lithuanian cabbage rolls)?; Copycat recipe for Kraft Mac & Cheese powder mix?; Best Knives?, Gift (for me) Edition; What can I add to my bread recipe?

by taz

"In the dusty cabinet something lurks"

Chem lab IIIChem lab III by Jano De Cesare (cc by-nc-nd)

metaquarry posts Derek Lowe's column on abandoned "easter eggs" found in labs, that asks "what’s the strangest (or most terrifying) thing you’ve come across in cleaning out an unused chemical space?"

by taz

Whether underground?

nssl0062nssl0062 by NOAA Photo Library (cc by)

My city got hit by multiple serious tornadoes last night and I realized just how unprepared I was: Aranquis asks about disaster preparedness.

by taz

"take a deep breath..."

FDNY - AmbulanceFDNY - Ambulance by Mollenborg (cc by)

I've been driving ambulances and fire trucks for years now... The most important thing you can do when someone is coming up on you with lights and sirens--before anything else--is to take a deep breath and make sure you're not going to cause an accident. Don't stop dead suddenly in moving traffic. Do slow down, signal, and pull over to the right as soon as you're able.

Mefite paramedics skyl1n3 and itstheclamsname offer pro advice on the question "What do you do when you're driving and an ambulance is coming down the road?"

by taz

Treacherous, dangerous and seductive

BIG BOAT, small boatBIG BOAT, small boat by Kevin Dinkel (cc by-sa)

If it's staying still, and just getting bigger, you need to figure out how to not die.

Dreadnought breaks down the four perceptual tricks that can lure an unsuspecting boater to their death.

by taz

on passwords
If you use the same password for MetaFilter as you did for LinkedIn, you might want to change it. Now. ( also had a break-in and they are asking users to change their passwords as well)

by jessamyn

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