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Mafia Donna mobile game ad screenshot

I work in the space and have a few observations ... Jilder shares insider insight on those bizarre free-to-play mobile games / ads.

by taz

"It wasn't your imagination, you genuinely were seeing different ads to normal on the week before your birthday!"

Facebook DiscFacebook Disc by dannysullivan from this article (cc by)

I place Facebook ads on behalf of my workplace and looking at the ad console has been sort of fascinating to me as an end user in explaining why I see some of the ads I do and how I can stop some of the more obnoxious ones from appearing....

Most [facebook ad targeting] is based off user submitted data (if you don't tell Facebook how old your kids are, they can't serve you ads based on it) but some of it is stuff you wouldn't expect to be used that way. It brought me up short when I realised Facebook could use my submitted location and the submitted locations of my family members to target me as somebody who was isolated from my loved ones. I never saw any ads for the Scientologists or anything, just innocuous stuff, but it still creeped me out a little.

by jessamyn

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