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A specialist occupation?

Hotpoint  All Pink Kitchen, 1961Hotpoint All Pink Kitchen, 1961 by JoeInSouthernCA (cc by-nd)

I'll put it bluntly: modern cooking is a social dick-measuring contest: Kadin2048 has an intriguing comment about the "fixation on cooking at home as a moral good" in theora55's post on Ultraprocessed Foods.

by taz

"They still said no"

Taylor Townsend on court with tennis racketBy si.robi - Townsend RG19 (29), CC BY-SA 2.0,

America hating fat Black women — it’s just part of life. It’s in the culture. It’s in the health-care system. You see it in Hollywood, you see it in sports. You don’t have to look around very hard. misskaz posts a superb personal essay by tennis pro Taylor Townsend.

by taz

Balancing Act

Piedras de primavera, spring stones.Piedras de primavera, spring stones. by Vvillamon (cc by-sa)

Life hacks for the psyche and emotional wellbeing? What's a good habit that you introduced in your life and has since made all the difference?

by taz

Indoor Workout

Roll-Up Yoga Mat on a White BackgroundRoll-Up Yoga Mat on a White Background by wuestenigel (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, I want to work on my physical fitness, but I don't want to leave my house.

by taz

The Chlorination Cogitation

Water dropsWater drops by sama093 (cc by-nc)

We don't know for certain if the Gas! GAS! in Wilfred Owen's devastating poem was chlorine, but we do know that it can kill and maim in the way he described. But when his poem was written, chlorine had already begun to play a completely different, quietly heroic role, going on to save hundreds of millions of lives over the course of the 20th century.

Check out clawsoon's great, in-depth post "Chlorine probably saved your life today"

by taz

Minor Medieval Maladies, M'dear

13th century anatomical illustration

What happened when someone in the Middle Ages got pink eye, or someone in Elizabethan England got athlete's foot or crotch rot? Did the infections just hang around forever? Was everyone just infected with this type of stuff? (It's pretty well-known that basically everyone had lice and fleas, I believe.)

In Ask Me: Minor infections in the days before anti-biotics or anti-fungals? Many good answers, and Jane the Brown brings the serious history again.

by taz

What's it like to be the recipient of an organ transplant and having to deal with immunosuppressant drugs?

Framed Embroidery Kidney Anatomy Art. Hand Embroidered.Framed Embroidery Kidney Anatomy Art. Hand Embroidered. by Hey Paul Studios (cc by)

In a question about organ transplants and what life is like after, MeFi member k8lin gives us an insider's view of life after a transplant.

I am both a researcher of the psychosocial aspects of chronic kidney disease and a two-time kidney transplant recipient myself, so I can shed a bit of light on the kidney side of things.

by mathowie

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