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The TVA Archive in our timeline

screenshot of the TVA archive

So, let's talk about the TVA Archive for a bit. If you think it looks familiar, you may have seen it before ... In FanFare, radwolf76 has some great trivia and background about the actual physical setting of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) archive in the Disney+ Loki series.

by taz

Rat Raze

politician.politician. by boulanger.IE (cc by)

A great thread on Alberta and it's apparent singular lack of rats, plus everything you didn't know that you really, really wanted to know about Warfarin.

by taz

Well said!

FantasticFantastic by Matt From London (cc by)

Recent member comments flagged as fantastic:

flabdablet on the question of whether you really need to properly eject that USB drive

darkstar on glue slime and fiery chemistry demos (you know, for kids)

DoctorFedora on ninja fashion trivia

mr. remy on a true-life spooky story

MonkeyToes on the transformative experience of a proper bra fitting (and nun management)

by taz

stupid human tricks?

The Human CannonballThe Human Cannonball by (aka Brent) (cc by)

Eyebrows McGee asks Mefites to Tell Us A Fascinating Thing About Yourself.

by taz

Pretty Sure I've Got A Toothpick Here Somewhere

notebook page 1notebook page 1 by rachelyra (cc by)

From the Ask Metafilter archives: holterbarbour wants to put together a notebook full of handy reference information and mental utilities.

I'm imagining the user would bust it out of his/her bag and use the knowledge within to solve a wide range of MacGyver/James Bond/bar bet problems. An intellectual "Swiss army knife", if you will.

Mefites oblige, suggesting everything from slide rules to star maps, alphabets and animal tracks.

by cortex

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