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Local Library Love 📚❤️

cam university librarycam university library by arcibald (cc by-nc)

SaharaRose's post about ways to support libraries in trying times offers suggestions for individuals and multiple resources to help support US libraries and the freedom to read.

by taz

The "organizing-first" approach

Organize!Organize! by david drexler (cc by)

In the Wisconsin Supreme Court election thread, rockindata talks about canvassing in Madison and how the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has remade itself in recent years.

by taz


Mystery WritersMystery Writers by Nanagyei (cc by)

mochapickle will be doing a zero-stress no-rules November writing month on Metafilter's IRL✍🏼

by taz

Organizing for abortion rights

Abortion Access Front's Operation Save Abortion training day

"As someone who has worked in the abortion access movement for over 20 years, I just want folks to know that there are already many organizations ON THE GROUND who are working to ensure that people who need abortion care can get it no matter what. Abortion funds, practical support organizations, and grassroots advocacy organizations know what needs to happen as the fight moves to the states. We don't need to re-create systems that already exist... here's just a few of the places you can direct your help, time and support ..."

Also, in Metatalk: Abortion Rights are Under Attack! What do we do? Fight Back!

by taz

Bylines & Helplines

We can call for helpWe can call for help by magnetbox (cc by)

We're from Metafilter, and we're here to help. Brainwane is organizing IRL call events to help folks slay (or at least seriously injure) the procrastination demon one task at a time. In Metatalk, Paperwork & Bodywork: short virtual anti-procrastination calls.

by taz

August is MetaFilter fundraising month!
Hey, folks, it's time for a fundraising push! MetaFilter depends primarily on member and reader funding to operate, and that's even more true over time as advertising revenue continues to decline. Your new and increased subscriptions and one-time contributions are what will make it possible for us to continue to operate as the actively moderated community website we've been for the last 22 years and counting.

by cortex

Are we half way in, or half way out?

Light At The Start Of The TunnelLight At The Start Of The Tunnel by ARG_Flickr (cc by)

We're in the middle of September fundraising for Mefi, and cortex is still half-hippy, so vote with your $ because those scissors are not going to pay for themselves! Jessamyn is making sponsored posts every day this month (acquire your very own excellent certified Jess post right here), plus we're auctioning precious Mefi Blue chatfilter posts (#1, #2; see the current slate of chatfilter topics suggested, vote, and add your own topic ideas to the main thread), and we're still dreaming, so make any post on the blue about dreams or dreaming and tag it #dreamweek to add to the fun.

by taz

Show us the love

LoveLove by kevin dooley (cc by)

Chatty Cashy, Dream Thyme, Hair No More, Super Librarian Lazy Web Posts ... Check it out! They're all part of Mefi's 2020 fundraising month.

by taz

Currently sharing voting stories (and expressions of support from non-US friends) in Metatalk


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