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Are we half way in, or half way out?

Light At The Start Of The TunnelLight At The Start Of The Tunnel by ARG_Flickr (cc by)

We're in the middle of September fundraising for Mefi, and cortex is still half-hippy, so vote with your $ because those scissors are not going to pay for themselves! Jessamyn is making sponsored posts every day this month (acquire your very own excellent certified Jess post right here), plus we're auctioning precious Mefi Blue chatfilter posts (#1, #2; see the current slate of chatfilter topics suggested, vote, and add your own topic ideas to the main thread), and we're still dreaming, so make any post on the blue about dreams or dreaming and tag it #dreamweek to add to the fun.

by taz

Show us the love

LoveLove by kevin dooley (cc by)

Chatty Cashy, Dream Thyme, Hair No More, Super Librarian Lazy Web Posts ... Check it out! They're all part of Mefi's 2020 fundraising month.

by taz

By George

NYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art - George WashingtonNYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art - George Washington by wallyg (cc by-nc-nd)

George Washington's hairstyle mystery -- how did he keep his white hair powder off his shoulders? Mefite nickyskye has the answer.

"Everything else is unanimously regarded as total bullshit."

hair removal photos by Jesse Hull on Flickr

Hi! I'm a trans woman! I've spent way too much time this year researching hair removal methods — in my case for the beard and not the scalp, but most of the details are the same either way. The online trans community, not surprisingly, cares a lot about this shit, and the advice I've found there is very consistent and mostly doesn't set off my bullshit filter.

Sensible run-down of hair removal advice from Now there are two. There are two _______.

by jessamyn

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