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So satisfying

Handmade oven image李子柒 Handmade oven

In case you missed them, see the Mahlongwa River breach as a tiny trickle turns into a raging torrent; watch a short, quiet, idyllic video of Li Zikai building a cat-shaped brick-and-clay oven from scratch; read the secrets of a diary written on castle floorboards; view a compendium of four short films about a Kyoto dye workshop that creates a range of rare and beautiful colors solely with plants and other natural materials.

by taz

Are plants sentient?

Ent feet..Ent feet.. by MiddleEarths (cc by)

Fantastic first post from Stonkle!

by taz

Labor of love

Daffodils Mean Spring!Daffodils Mean Spring! by 3dpete (cc by-nd)

So, I was in early labor when you posted this question (Ask Metafilter is extremely good at being a distraction) and was quite frustrated not to be able to give you a list of some of my favorite gardening blogs...

Sciencegeek goes above and beyond the call of duty to answer a question about gardening blogs for a member who wants to look at happy green things.

by taz

I grow carnivorous plants as a hobby

From the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic DictionaryFrom the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary by Double--M (cc by)

jamaro tells us about some interesting features of the plants we learned about in grade school.

One can also temporarily disable the insect catching ability of Drosera (sundews) and Pinguicula (butterworts) by covering their sticky surfaces with misted water or a good coating of dust but these plants' glands tend to drool their way out of that predicament within a day.

by jessamyn

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